Best places to go during the rainy season

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rainy season

The rainy season, for most of us in the UK, is a time to stay in. The seasonal depression starts to set in as we can’t play football without tracking mud, nor can we step outside without getting hit with the frigid cold. It’s not the most popular time of the year.

Not by a long shot. On the flip side, with a little bit of creativity can go a long way. You can take this as an opportunity to check out some of the most beautiful sights across the country. Most of us just stay in the city and wait for the pub to open. Venture a little bit outside of that box. You’ll be surprised at how gorgeous the UK really is during the rainy season. 

Botanical gardens

If you’re a fan of nature (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?) you can take a short trip up to Bodelva and check out one of the largest and most beautiful collections of flowers and exotic plant life outside of the respective ecosystems. The Eden Project has been a school field trip staple since its inception. Most of us have seen it in our younger years. It’s still a beautiful place to get away from the rain and see the inside of the gracefully structured domes and wonderful flowers. There’s nothing like an array of wonderful colors and shapes to brighten the gloomy and gray of a rainy season day. 

The theatre 

For the same reason we usually skip out on the botanical gardens, most of us don’t take advantage of the amazing British theatre scene. More often than not, we can catch our favorite international stars cutting their teeth on some of the best of Shakespeare, Bennett, and Pinter. Do know that you have to dress up a bit. If you have an outdated Mack you borrowed from your dad, you can always check out Rain jackets for men for a solid upgrade. Remember, it’s not all about looking good, but it’s a big piece of catching a show at the theatre. Everyone looks good. You should follow suit. 

Roman baths

While the ladies take a spa day, you can go out and treat yourself like a member of the Roman legion and check out the Roman baths of Bath. It’s one of the most opulent sights you can see that immediately takes you back a thousand years into the mindset of the individuals of the time. There are services now that make it a major tourist attraction. You might get caught behind a few Americans or a few tourists from the East making vlogs, but the tiers of access are only limited to how much you want to spend on it. In the end, for a rainy day, it’s a mighty fun time that you can do either alone or with your friends.

uk trip

The rain doesn’t have to bring you down. It’s just a fact of being where you are. So instead of just sitting around, waiting for a socially acceptable time to go to the pub, take the day and explore the wonderful spots around you. 


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