Unforeseen Circumstances That Could Hit Your House

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Unforeseen Circumstances

Everything in life is subject to uncertainties. It could be weather changes, an unexpected call from work telling you not to bother reporting the next morning, or a wife/husband who gets fed up with you and asks for a divorce. But hey, it’s life and you’ve just got to live with it. And not just live with it, but find ways to find comfort in the ordinary.

If you are planning to buy a house, you already own one, or you’re renting, certain factors can compromise both the security and the structural integrity of your new home. Your house is always vulnerable to natural and unforeseen circumstances. It’s for this reason we have homeowners insurance. This is to cover you from such unexpected situations. You should never assume that your house is safe from any of the aforementioned circumstances. 

In this piece, we’ll be taking a closer look at the unforeseen circumstances that could hit your house. They include:

1. Falling Trees

A majority of houses are surrounded by big trees. While these trees will add a classy and beautiful accent to your backyard, they are potential hazards during storms, hurricanes, and when gusting winds sweep over your compound. No matter how strong they are, tree branches can easily break on your roof and on your car.

Speaking of cars, did you know that a majority of accidents are caused by felled trees? Well, you’ll need to be extra cautious when driving under poor weather conditions. James Wilson, an experienced personal injury attorney in South Carolina says that if you’re injured in a car accident, whether in bad weather or not, you need to contact a personal injury attorney pronto. This applies to those who may get hurt as a result of trees falling on roofs. The best thing about contacting your attorney when disaster or calamity strikes is that they’ll help you to know your legal options on whether to sue your homeowner’s insurance company or not. The best thing, however, is to ensure that overgrown trees around your home have been trimmed whenever you’re  expecting an unpredictable season. 

2. Unexpected Fires

house Unforeseen Circumstances

Several things can trigger a fire in your house. These may include poor electrical wiring, gas leaks, and lightning. However, in most cases, all these risk factors will not cross your minds. Unfortunately, disasters do not come knocking at your doors or send a visit request. A fire can catch your home when you least expect it to. If you haven’t applied for a homeowner’s insurance, then there’s no better time to do it than today. It will help to cover repair costs, roof replacements, and take care of medical expenses if any. 

3. Burglary 

Home break-ins are perhaps the most common unforeseen circumstances that can happen to your home. Imagine waking up one morning to find your home home-theatre system, refrigerator, TV, and other appliances gone. It most definitely isn’t a pleasant situation, right? Unfortunately, most home invasions happen when homeowners are not at home. So, what can you do to protect your home against burglaries:

  • Install CCTV cameras with a backup outside your home
  • Set up alarms
  • Avoid inviting unknown people into your house
  • Never post any pictures of your home on social media

4. Floods

flooded home

From faulty home plumbing to adverse effects of weather conditions, flooding is the most unpredictable and unforeseen catastrophe that can happen to your home. It can damage your home’s structural integrity, compromise electrical connections, ruin your furniture, and cost you both time and resources in getting rid of the water. For this reason, Palmetto State homeowners always want to know more on flood insurance in South Carolina and which policies can best protect their property. Most insurance companies will cover such damages they’ll help in repairing or replacing furniture that cannot be salvaged. During such events, though prevalent, they are not to be taken lightly. You need to apply to a different insurance policy best suited for your needs. Such policies are costly, especially if you live in areas that are prone to flooding. However, it is important to take such covers if you feel you will not be able to recover financially.

5. Pests and Critters Infestation

Yes, you heard it right the first time! Pest can be a real pain in the neck. They include termites, rats, and bats to mention but a few. Bats can wreak havoc to your attic while those pesky rats tear down your wiring. Termites will then come to finish off where others left. Talk about a disaster in waiting. To help you out, find a pest and vermin extermination company near you. Alternatively, you can set traps, spray insecticides and pesticides around your compound and in various spots in your home to get rid of these destructive little creatures.

Houses, just like cars, are prone to accidents and disasters. Taking insurance covers will come in handy during such situations. However, it is important to get expert guidance before taking an insurance cover and before you contact your insurer.



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