Veganism is changing and becoming more mainstream

Veganism is changing and becoming more mainstream – words Alexa Wang

Just a few years ago if you said you were switching to Veganism people would immediately think it was some kind of religion or cult. Now, the acceptance and knowledge toward being Vegan is stronger and better than ever before.

The vast majority of people in Western parts of the world have at least considered or tried going Vegan for a certain period of time. The scientific evidence to its effectiveness and benefits just keep enticing more people to try it out themselves.


Veganism is Changing and Becoming More Mainstream

Gone are the days where people connote being Vegan to being the spiritual peace sign loving hippies. Vegans look like everyone else and walk among the masses everyday. With over a million Vegans who are completely plant based in the world today, it is safe to say that this phenomenon is more than just a trend. What has really gotten people to be open to this lifestyle is the widespread attention it has gotten in the media. From athletes like Tom Brady, Venus Williams, Colin Kaepernick, and Kyrie Irving all following or at least implementing Veganism, people have become more eager to learn its benefits. Many celebrities like Ellen, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, Liam Hemsworth, Ariana Grande, Woody Harrelson, and Tobey Maguire also proudly proclaimed being Vegan making it less taboo for regular people to try it as well.

How Social Media Has Strengthened Veganism

From the crazy influx of positive media attention of Veganism, the Google trending search of the word “Vegan” has more than doubled since 2012 matching the trajectory data stats of “Instagram” searches. Not only are celebrities and athletes being more intrigued with this lifestyle, but actual doctors and nutrition experts are claiming it to be the future. Gordon Ramsay, renowned British chef has also implemented plant based dishes in his restaurants stating that Veganism will be the future of culinary food as well.

Social media sites like Instagram and Facebook have also played huge roles in the growth of the Vegan movement. The supporters of Veganism are simply so powerful, utilizing every platform possible to grow its audience. Clearly the benefits are evident and the animal loving activists in the community are never afraid to vocally showcase how much living beings are being saved by switching to Veganism.

Advantages Of Going Vegan In This Era

What makes this era so different from past advancements in the Vegan movement is the fact that social media sharing is now an accessible tool available to Vegans. Not only talking about the ethical, personal, and environmental benefits of Veganism, but they can also visually share these statements to a wide audience. Above all, the amount of delicious and aesthetically pleasing Vegan dishes posted online can really get any carnivore or herbivore to drool. Back then switching to this lifestyle was literally like an act of depriving yourself of good food. Now, it is simply being more mindful of labels and nutrition facts, as delicious food doesn’t have to have animal byproducts to be appetizing.

From the Impossible Burger going viral to Vegan Pizza, non-dairy ice cream, and cashew cheese being a thing these days, the struggle of turning Vegan has shrunk tremendously. Overall, it is certainly a much easier lifestyle change than ever before. Plus, it’s definitely not considered odd to go Vegan with the majority. Thanks to vocal Vegan activists, it has now become the trendy thing to do or at least try. Beyonce herself with Jay-Z has even turned it into a huge challenge known as the 21 day Vegan challenge where the prize istickets to their next concert. The reasons for switching are endless, but in the end the decision all boils down to whether it is a lifelong change you wish to do. Clearly, eating the same meat and dairy products is the easiest way to live, but nothing beats the satisfaction of knowing you’re not harming a living being just to eat.

The amount of grocery stores and restaurants that offer Vegan options are impeccable. Various fast food joints like Chick-Fil-A, Moe’s, Burger King, and Taco Bell to name a few have recently added plant based options on their menus. The VeganProducts website offers all the best substitutes to your favorite meat and dairy products. This day in age, switching to a Vegan lifestyle is way easier than ever before. The amount of advancements in food suited for Vegans has tremendously increased the percentage of those at least lessening their meat and dairy consumption. With the data, increasing in the favor of Veganism, it is expected that by 2050, the majority of the world will be mostly plant based if not completely.

The Commitment To Veganism

Going Vegan is also more than just eating no meat or dairy. According to Jordyn Smith from Jordyn’s Vegan Place (, people who are strictly vegan will not wear clothes made from materials such as cashmere, leather, down, sable, suede, or wool.. Being able to fully commit to a lifestyle that doesn’t just implement a plant based diet but a fully Vegan cruelty free life won’t be easy, but will be so fulfilling in the long run. Awareness of what products you use and what food items you consume will provide you a sense of gratitude for the little things in life that have always been present. The level of disconnect people has had on their food and products has truly created a world susceptible to less empathy. Committing to a Vegan life means you are committing to a more conscious life without pain and suffering of any living being.

The notion that Vegans can never get enough quality protein in their diet is clearly a long misconception that many health professionals are proving to be wrong. You do not need to eat meat and dairy to live a healthy life. Sustainable and conscious eating by going plant based offers way more benefits than any other diet form. The positive effects that the body will immediately feel are powerful when going Vegan. Just so long as you track what you’re eating and are only fueling the body with quality macro and micronutrients, you will be healthier than ever before.



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