What to Bring When You’re Traveling With a Baby

words Alexa Wang

Going on a trip can bring a lot of excitement, but it can also be scary when it’s your first time out of town with your new baby. While you might just want to pack up their whole nursery and bring it with you, you can get by for a week or so with far less than that. Aside from your normal travel items, here’s what to bring for your baby when you’re going on a trip.

Traveling With Baby

A Few Days’ Worth of Diapers

You never know when you’ll be able to pick up a pack of diapers, so it’s best to bring at least a few days’ supplies. Some people only bring enough to go in the baby backpack, while others will pack a few packs in the checked luggage. If you’re going to a place where it will be easy to get the diapers you need, just bring along enough for a day or two. If you think you might have a problem getting them, especially if your baby needs a specific brand because of sensitivity, you’ll need enough for the trip and for the way back home.

Feeding Tools

Babies need food. For some moms, this is as simple as bringing herself, because she’s able to exclusively breastfeed. Other moms need to bring a pump and bottles because she exclusively pumps. And still others will need to carry formula and bottles. No matter which option is yours, make sure you don’t forget anything. Pumps need the flanges, extra tubing, etc., and the bottles that connect. If you aren’t sure whether you can get your formula on the go, get enough to last you the length of your trip, and pack the extras in your checked baggage.

Plenty of Clothes

It’s a good thing that babies are small because you’ll need enough baby clothes for the trip and the way home. You’ll want to account for diaper explosions, spit-up, and other messes that may require more than one outfit a day. Newborn clothes that are easy to take on and off can be especially helpful for changing diapers and removing things in the event of an accident.

A Few Baby Blankets

Baby blankets are a good universal tool. They help with spit up, swaddling, keeping the baby warm, using it as a nursing cover if you prefer, and so much more. You can lay them on a dirty floor if you cover it with a baby blanket as well. They are also good for blocking the sun and keeping your baby warm and cozy when needed.

Travel With Baby

Somewhere For the Baby to Sleep

If you don’t co-sleep, you’ll need a portable crib or Pack and Play for the baby to sleep in. Fortunately, they fold up into small spaces and can easily go in a trunk or on a plane if you’re going across the country or internationally as a family. Having a separate portable crib helps you enjoy your time out of town when you can set your baby down for a few minutes, give them a good nap in bed, and even try to help them stay on a nighttime sleep routine.

A Stroller and/or Baby Carrier

Going on vacation may take you exploring, shopping, and walking in all sorts of conditions. If you go hiking, you’ll need a baby carrier or wrap. If you’re going to the mall or walking on a boardwalk at the beach, you might prefer a stroller. If you’re crunched for space and you enjoy babywearing, stick with just bringing your carrier with you. If the stroller fits, you can even take it all the way to the gate at the airport. This can be helpful to carry all those extra things you had to bring for your baby as well.

Sunscreen and Hats

Babies have sensitive skin that needs extra protection from the harsh rays of the sun. If you’re heading to the beach or going on a family cruise, bring along some baby-safe sunscreen to help protect them from burns. You can also bring a hat if you don’t want them to get sunscreen in their eyes. It’s best to limit their exposure to direct sun. You can even find lightweight clothes that protect their skin and are breathable enough to keep them cool. 


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