Essential items you should be wearing this Autumn

Essential items you should be wearing this Autumn – words Alexa Wang

One of the great things about autumn is that you can spend your money on that you’re actually going to wear for a while, not like those super expensive designer shorts you only managed to wear twice over the British summer.

As the cooler temperatures approach, leaves turn a flamed orange, animals migrate, and yes, it’s time for us to change our fashion approach. So that’s why we’ve put together 9 things you should be wearing this autumn.

Long Sleeves

These have come into fashion recently and are probably going to stay popular throughout the winter. Long sleeves could include t-shirts or thin knit jumpers. This is the ideal autumn shirt as it can be used to keep yourself warm indoors when you no longer need a coat, well unless you haven’t got the heating on…

Long sleeves are cosy and adaptable if you need to roll them up your forearms. Treated like any other shirt, these shirts range between simple, v-necks, buttoned, textured or even zipped. The possibilities seem endless; so long sleeves should definitely be on your shopping list!


Thick Layered Coats

Buying the perfect winter coat comes from a lot of browsing. We want to make sure you choose the right style for your unique look and personality. Treat fashion as an art, we can only guide you, but you have to be the artist…

Take your time to browse through some winter coats and see what pops out at you. Keeping yourself warm and comfortable is important, so look for something thick but light so you can stay on the move with ease.

Denim Jeans

Denim jeans are a must! Not only do these super popular blue strings of fabric stitched together look amazing, but if you edge toward a stretchy pair of jeans they won’t feel as irritating on your legs. It’s the perfect autumn attraction. But be careful, I highly recommend staying away from ripped jeans; it’s getting too cold for that!



If you’re at all like me when someone mentions fall, I tend to imagine rainy days and mushy leaves. That’s why you should come prepared with a fashionable pair of rain boots. Not only do these keep your feet dry, but it’s another reason why we love the denim, the two work perfectly together.

I would advise steering clear of shoe laces, tuck them bad boys in, nobody likes seeing the wet muddy moisture drip onto your hands when tighten them back up. Not fun…



Scarfs are great accessories for the cold months and I’m sure we all know at least one way of wearing them. But just to keep you updated here are some popular scarfs, and how you should be wearing in autumn. The oblong scarf is probably the simplest scarf you could find; it’s so easy, and fashionable!

We aren’t all flight attendants, but being in the shape of a napkin, this scarf might make you feel like one. The square neckerchief (diamond scarf) allows you to get creative. Push your boundaries and see what you can make from this one. The infinity scarf (loop scarf), is also well worn by making a double loop around their neck.


Cotton thick or knitted, it’s always best to get yourself a cosy jumper. They are so smart and adaptable; you could wear them around the workplace as well as on a night out with your friends. Of course they come in various shapes, colours and sizes, choose one that stands out to you.


These are a great way to stay warm indoors while looking cute and cuddly. The best thing about these is the fact that they are often unisex which is handy when it comes to lending. Not only this, but it can be worn for both summer and winter wardrobes, so rest assured you’ll defiantly get your money’s worth.

Heavy knits are usually worn by men in the winter as they are very thick; problem solved. This multipurpose accessory to your outfit can be worn in different ways. This could be worn with a suit and tie, or with a smart polo shirt, either way I’m sure you’ll be able to fit this one in with your daily fashion regime.


Number 8, your one away from becoming a fashion ninja! There are many reasons why these are fantastic for both autumn and winter, and even more so with the technology that has come around. You can now purchase touch screen gloves allowing you to use your devices wherever you go. No more fingerless gloves that leave you with blue tips.

Like most things, they come in various different shapes, colours, textures and sizes. So go out and try a pair yourself, with types including, touch screen, muffing and leather. Then, you can consider this ticked off your checklist.


Now we’re finishing this list off with something short and sweet. This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but switching over from your summer cap to a fashionable winter beanie will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.

Great job! Right, I’m off to go shopping! See you around…

Essential items you should be wearing this Autumn – words Alexa Wang






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