3 tips for getting behind the wheel of your dream car

3 tips for getting behind the wheel of your dream car – words Alexa Wang

If you are reading this, then you are probably someone who loves cars and have a dream garage of esteemed cars waiting for you to buy them when you become a millionaire. But a dream car or two may be more attainable than you think, without winning the lottery.

Many automobile enthusiasts are finding new and innovative ways to get behind the wheel of some of the world’s most exotic and sought-after cars without having to win the lottery or rob a bank. The cars of your dreams have probably been your icons since childhood, and cars that you spent your teenage years admiring as pictures on your bedroom wall could now find themselves sitting in your garage, waiting for a sunny weekend and an open road.

Here are a few tips that could help you make your road dreams a reality and get behind the wheel of one of your dream cars. 

Buy, Sell, Trade

One of the ways that people are getting their dream cars into their garage or on their driveway is through ‘climbing the car ladder’. Just like the property ladder with houses, it is possible to buy the right car, and after some careful tender loving care sell it on for a profit. From an investment of just a few thousand, anyone can soon be trading cars that are valued in the tens of thousands.

It can take a lot of work to go from a Mini to a Maserati, but it isn’t impossible. Make the right trades and you will soon be looking for your dream car.

Find the Right Financing

Decades ago, it could be hard to find financing for expensive cars. In the 70s and 80s, car manufacturing, even at the highest level, was notorious for poor build quality and sub-standard materials. This often meant that cars would depreciate massively in a short amount of time, keeping financiers away.

Modern motor cars are a different breed. Well-built from some of the best quality materials available, many prestige cars such as a Maserati or a Ferrari, are actually a good investment. Some car dealers offer excellent finance options themselves. For instance, you can get a Maserati from HR Owen who have used models in stock which you can get on a financial arrangement that suits your needs. You might find it is simpler and better value than you think!

Spot a Classic Early

Many motorists are saving themselves tens of thousands by spotting a future classic early and buying them before they become the sought-after classic that everyone wants. Cars like this can often act as a great financial stepping-stone, letting you make a lot of profit on one car to invest in your more expensive dream car.

Some of the world’s best cars are more accessible than ever thanks to clever financing and careful investment. Anyone can find themselves behind the wheel of an Italian icon or one of the great American automobiles of the 60s and 70s. You don’t have to break the bank to feel like a millionaire driving one of the automotive world’s most beautiful classics. 


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