12 Tips You Should Know When Purchasing Baby Cribs

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Parents-to-be often wonders what to purchase for their new baby, and one of the most critical items on their list is a crib. With so many different brands, models, colors, and materials available, it’s no wonder that parents can feel overwhelmed when they’re trying to decide which is best for them.

Cribs come in two basic types: traditional or convertible (or “pack ‘n play”). Standard cribs are built with slats that fit together like puzzle pieces. Convertible cribs have the additional feature of having removable sides so they can be changed into a toddler bed or travel crib at any time. If you plan to co-sleep with your baby, you will need to buy a Pack ‘n Play crib.

When it comes to cribs, parents want the best for their children. A high-quality crib can provide a safe place for your baby to sleep and last well into their toddler years.

Here are some things to look out for when picking a baby crib:

Baby Cribs tips

1. Make sure the crib passes safety standards.

All cribs made in the United States must pass the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Look for a label on the crib that says it meets these safety standards.

2. Avoid drop-side cribs.

The CPSC recalled Drop-side cribs in 2010 due to safety concerns. If you have a drop-side crib, it’s best to stop using it and find a safer alternative. Side rails on cribs can lower or detach, creating a dangerous gap between the mattress and the fence. If your baby gets caught in this gap, they could suffocate.

3. Choose a sturdy crib.

When picking out a crib, please shake it to ensure that it’s well-built and sturdy. Avoid any that feel wobbly or unsteady. Unsteady cribs can easily topple over, leading to severe injuries for your child.

4. Look for adjustable mattress heights.

Some cribs come with adjustable mattress heights, which can be helpful as your baby starts to sit up and stand on their own. You can lower the mattress as needed to prevent your little one from climbing out.

5. Pick suitable crib sheets.

Make sure to purchase crib sheets explicitly made for that type of crib. They should be tight-fitting so that they don’t come loose and cover your baby’s face. Fitted crib sheets from Lewis are an excellent option for any crib.

6. Consider the size of the crib.

Think about how much space you’ll need in your nursery for the crib and whether you want it to take up the entire room or just a corner. Also, consider how long you want to use the crib – most babies will outgrow a standard-sized crib by the time they’re two years old.

7. Decide on a style.

Do you want a traditional wooden crib or something more modern? There are different styles to choose from, so you can find one that matches your nursery’s decor.

8. Check for features like storage baskets and drawers.

If you’re looking for more storage in your nursery, some cribs come with baskets or drawers underneath. This can help store extra blankets, diapers, and other essentials.

9. Determine how easy it is to assemble.

If you’re planning on assembling the crib yourself, pick one that’s not too complicated. Otherwise, you may want to hire someone to put it together.

10. Don’t forget about the mattress size!

Once you have the crib, don’t forget to purchase a mattress that fits snugly inside. Make sure to measure the size of the bed before buying so you know what size to get.

11. Compare prices and reviews.

When you’ve narrowed down your options, compare prices and read reviews from other parents. This will help you make the best decision for your family.

12. Buy from a trusted retailer.

When you’re ready to make your purchase, be sure to buy from a trusted retailer like Amazon or Bed, Bath and Beyond. This will ensure that you get a quality product and that you can return it if needed.

Picking the right crib for your baby can be overwhelming, but it’s an important decision and one that you’ll be using for years to come. By following these tips, you’ll be sure to find the perfect crib for your little one’s nursery.

Picking out a crib can be a daunting task, but you’re sure to find the perfect one for your little one with these tips in mind. You can rest assured knowing your baby is sleeping safe and sound.

Most babies will outgrow a standard-sized crib by the time they’re two years old. If you’re looking for a crib that your child can use for a more extended period, consider purchasing a convertible crib. These cribs can be turned into toddler beds or even full-sized beds, making them an excellent investment for the long term.

When picking out a crib, it’s essential to think about how much space you’ll need in your nursery. If you’re short on space, consider choosing a mini crib that can fit in a corner or even a wall-mounted crib that doesn’t take up any floor space.

A quality crib is an essential investment for any nursery. They provide a safe and comfortable place for your baby to sleep, but they can also improve your baby’s health.

Studies have shown that babies who sleep in a quality crib are less likely to develop allergies. This is because a quality crib meets all safety standards and is built with safe materials for infants.

Additionally, a quality crib can help improve your baby’s overall health by providing plenty of ventilation. This is important, as proper ventilation can help reduce the risk of asthma and other respiratory illnesses.


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