High Heels Are Ready To Stomp Out Crocs and Birks

words Alexa Wang

Ladies are crazy about red stiletto heels, and the passion is evident when Nicole Kidman said now she could wear high heels as divorced Tom Cruise. Ladies have a huge assortment of shoes for parties, office or casual, but a pair of black and red high heels are stapled in the shoe rack.

For some magical moments in cocktail parties, social gatherings or for a destination vacation, red high heels, sandals heels, platform heels give the elegant yet flamboyant look. Women who first step in stiletto could have an awkward moment as it is a new experience for the feet. After a few steps, the confidence and grace in her strides are obvious. 

High Heels

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We were at the point of extinction

During the era of lockdown and social distance, the social gatherings and cocktail parties died a slow, agonizing death, the sales of skyscrapers and stilettos plunged drastically, the users were more comfortable in sneakers and sandals. The high heel shoes were at the point of extinction, but in the proceeding few months, the stilettos are back with a bang. Women are eager to wear towering heels to push their style play. People were gruesomely bored in their confinement, so the ladies were popping on the heels of the streets. The footwear industry is expecting more sturdy demand in high heel shoes for ladies and wonders if they will have enough inventories to meet the demand. 


Google search for high heels is another unswerving benchmark for upswing demand of stilettos. Consumers are seeking a pair of fashionable high heels for occasions of weeding, parties, proms and other gatherings. But finding a perfect pair of high heel shoes is challenging as they come in a wide spectrum of colors, designs and a range of styles. However, women have an unprecedented passion for red high heel shoes. Stiletto heels in red are the exceptionally stylish and best choice to emphasize your attire and beaming personality. It is a perfect choice for date nights, as it makes you taller and more appealing. If you are new in the realm of stiletto, then platform heels are a perfect choice, as they provide full support to your feet and heels. Wearing this fashionable platform heel, you feel comfortable walking down the street or at a blazing cocktail party. 

Ankle strappy heel

If you have a tall, slender figure, then ankle strappy heel shows make you a diva. The strap around your ankle accentuates your slender legs. Women are keen on flaunting their fashion statements and wearing something classy even if it is a bit uncomfortable. You can pair your casual skirt and trousers with sandals heels to prompt a casual smart look. In high heel sandals, the entire body weight is dispersed evenly, giving you a relaxing feel. The premier footwear brands are expecting more resurgence in high heel shoe demand. In lockdown time, women have missed the opportunity of dressing up. Women cannot be in those thrilling moments without high heels. To some women, high heels are closely related to authority, like black ties to men, the epitome of professionalism. 


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