Aldo Carpinteri’s Modes brand gives a new sense of fashion

words Al Woods

Fashion has a different taste according to the year or century. Traditional fashion was best in the past; today, modernization and digitalization affect the fashion world differently.

What has changed?  Today customer’s demand determines how well the brand will stay in the luxury world, as they need something to identify with. This means that new ideas, even if they may look like a risk, are something fashion brands and retailers have to take.

Modes fashion

The companies have to keep creativity at high levels to avoid being overwhelmed by competitors. Among this competition, there is one brand that stands out in the fashion world. It doesn’t have to create any attires or accessories but anyway ranks in the best fashion brands retailers. The Modes multi-brand is an exquisite retailer that displays and sells unique attires globally.  The brand is the mastermind of the famous founder Aldo Carpinteri. Originating from Italian multi-brand retailer Stefania Mode, to thrive in the luxury market, a new transition was the only key to beat global fashion challenges. Modes by Aldo Carpinteri was the new re-brand that has today given meaning to men and women fashion and beyond.

Though Stefaniamodes was a a renowned brand, Aldo Carpinteri needed more ways to venture into the fashion world. The name had to fit beyond the Italian concept, Mode was and is more recognized and the rebranding goes toward a new international vocation of the brand.

Modes fashion brand

The Modes brand has open stores in different places in Italy and going beyond. The company embraces the online platform so it can reach thousands of customers and offer an omnichannel experience. Such an experience could be provided only having a strong presence both on the territory and on the online dimension, that is where several services are offered. The brand can boasts brick-and-mortar stores such the ones in Milan, in Sankt Moritz, in Portofino, in Trapani, in Favignana, and the just acquired stores in Sardinia, with 2 openings in Cagliari (the multi brand Donne) and in Porto Cervo. A further opening is the one for the store Balenciaga in Forte dei Marmi.

Omnichannel strategy

Modes purpose was to rank best in the fashion sector; the retail brand focuses on collaborating with renowned brands for success. The brand is also focusing its effort on the online marketing strategies. The options of click and collect are working best and giving a rise in the revenue. It’s easier for clients to select their item of choice and collect it at a convenient time.

Digital marketing has been the trend for any luxury brands today. Besides opening the physical stores, online market offers a wide range of opportunities. Modes have registered an increase in sales from the reports showing a 65% activities. The best part of online marketing in any brand, it enhances new skills and professionalism. Sale acceleration is only stirred if the right efforts are put into place. Aldo Carpinteri knows well the importance of being present on the digital channels, not only as a way to communicate the brand, but especially to give customers special services. Among these, there is the same-day orders delivery for some Modes stores; it is also possible, for VIP customer, to receive clothing directly home, where they can try them on. So, the Modes retailers offer the home special session, and this can be very important considering this epidemic times. Anyway, these are just a few of the many services Modes can provide. The digital platform is transforming fashion, giving a feeling of belonging to all customers.

Many fashion brands do not quite emphasize men fashion. However, men fashion is a priority for the Modes that offers a combination of great brands where men can find denim, socks, track jeans, leather jackets, and windbreaks; Modes gives men the chance to identify with a brand or retail for their closet needs.

As said, Modes offers a great number of designers and collections in his stores and in his omnichannel retailer: one of the most successful one is the Collections GR Uniforma, a multidisciplinary brand that focuses on art, fashion, and photography. Gosha Rubchinskiy – the founder – aim, is to combine art and fashion, producing exclusive streetwear.


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