A new generation of artists developing a digital gallery thanks to HUAWEI Themes

words Al Woods

Deciding on a career as an artist is a brave move. Yes, we all hear about the well-known artists and they can make a pretty penny once they’ve reached the stage of international recognition.

But for every artist we all hear about making a name for themselves, and a fortune in the process, there are thousands of others facing massive hardships just to pursue their passion. In these Covid times, life has been made even harder for those setting out along this path.

digital gallery

Thankfully there are more outlets these days beyond the traditional gallery system for artists to get their work seen. Artists have become adept at using social media to try to get their work to a wider audience using platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

Some artist has formed collectives in order to set up their own online portals and gathered their own audiences around these hubs. This year in the midst of the pandemic artists have found a new outlet for the creativity with HUAWEI Themes.

HUAWEI Themes is a service from Huawei Mobile Services and is available on all the HUAWEI/HONOR devices. It allows users to customize their mobiles phones with specially designed themes. It has millions of users daily, resulting in 8 million Theme downloads each month in Europe. Digital artists can create their own artistic themes and bring them to life with such things as animated lockscreens. Wallpapers or personal icons.

digital gallery

Jonas Jodie (Instagram: @jojoesart) is one of the digital artists who has recently joined HUAWEI Themes in April 2020 and has released 6 Themes over the last 2 months. He stated: “As an artist, I have encountered many challenges in my life to expose my art into different ways and I was looking for a new digital platform with millions of users. Therefore, I decided to partner with HUAWEI Themes on this new exciting service as it allows me to develop new creative ways of expressing my art, but also to reach out to a new type of audience in Europe but also in Asia”. From Berlin, Jonas Jodie creates what he calls “Fantasy Art”: visuals coming from unknown and magical worlds, most of the time using dark and mystical colors. With HUAWEI Themes, Jonas Jodie has found a new way to display his art in a completely different way. Thanks to all the special animations and effects on his Themes, he has been able to renew his artwork so his audience can still enjoy his previous works but in a different way.

Through HUAWEI Themes artists can gain valuable exposure as well as providing an enriched environment for users. There are plans to launch a new integrated program for all digital artists in Europe by the endo of the year to enable artists to further explore their ideas with HUAWEI Themes.

Stay tuned for more information on Huawei Themes: https://huaweimobileservices.com/huaweithemes/


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