Geese ‘3D Country’- In the Wild West a cowboy blows his mind

words Alexa Wang

Love this new single from Geese. It’s just so effortlessly cool. They’re not afraid of writing from a conceptual point of view either and try this out for a concept. This latest song involves a cowboy who explodes his own mind through experimentation with psychoactive substances back in Wild West days. I’ll let Geese front man Cameron Winter explain.

 “The lyrics are this story I had about a cowboy who does psychedelics in the wild west and fries his brain forever. I was imagining at first he’s this stoic, masculine character like out of a Cormac McCarthy novel, but then he unravels and sees his past lives in Ancient Rome, the Great Wall of China. Ultimately, he finds himself in the end and it turns celebratory. I liked the idea of contrasting this strait-laced individual with that super mind-bending, interdimensional experience.

Similarly, the music is an amalgam of a lot of different country licks, a gospel-ish call-and-response part, things we typically wouldn’t do, but we wanted to push them through this textured, strange, psychedelic lens. We kept jamming around this one groove that’s in the verse for 10 minutes at a time, and then went back to take the best 30-second bits to piece it all together. The original version was over twice as long, and we bring some of those crazier sections back when we play it live and for the version of the song that’s in the music video.”

geese 3d country single

“3D Country” follows previous single, “Cowboy Nudes,” which was released in January.

Geese release their album also titled ‘3D Country’ in June. The album they’ve created invites us into an alternate world where everyday life is on the brink and norms and conventions have been twisted and turned inside out.

Drummer Max Bassin sums up, “It feels like going to the circus and instead of having a good time, everyone is trying to kill you.”

Geese will tour extensively behind ‘3D Country,’ including a headline run of UK and European dates which they have shared today. Full dates below and here. Stay tuned for US dates and more touring announcements.

3d country

‘3D Country’ tracklist:

1. 2122

2. 3D Country

3. Cowboy Nudes

4. I See Myself

5. Undoer

6. Crusades

7. Gravity Blues

8. Mysterious Love

9. Domoto

10. Tomorrow’s Crusades

11. St Elmo

 Geese 2023 tour dates:

Aug 25-27 – Port Townsend, WA – THING Festival

Sept 3 – Dorset, UK – End of the Road Festival

Sept 6 – Brighton, UK – Patterns

Sept 7 – Bristol, UK – Thekla

Sept 8 – London, UK – Lafayette

Sept 10 – Glasgow, UK – King Tut’s

Sept 11 – Dublin, IE – Academy 2, Dublin

Sept 12 – Leeds, UK – Brudnell Social Club

Sept 13 – Manchester, UK – Band on the Wall

Sept 14 – Nottingham, UK – Bodega

Sept 16 – Paris, FR – La Maroquinerie

Sept 18 – Belgium, BE – Botanique Witloof Bar

Sept 21 – Copenhagen, DK – Musikforeningen Loppen

Sept 22 – Berlin, DE – Badehaus Szimpla

Sept 24 – Amsterdan, NL – Indiestad Festival

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