How to brew coffee at home – can you beat the baristas?

How to brew coffee at home – can you beat the baristas? – words Alexa Wang

Millions of people from all over the world love brewing hot and tasty coffee every morning before going to work. However, to brew coffee at home is more than just pouring hot water on ground beans.

Making any mistake can change the way your coffee tastes or even its aroma. So, before you brew your next pot, create the ideal conditions to ensure you get a perfect cup of coffee.


When Buying Coffee, Look for the Roasting Date

It is very easy to spot a mug of coffee that has gone stale due to sitting out for too long. However, if you are using some old beans, it might be the reason why your coffee turns out stale. This is because it is already stale before brewing. The beans are not meant to last for eternity. Waiting too long leads to dissipation of the volatile compounds that are responsible for that heavenly flavor. What will remain is a bitter concoction that you will definitely not like.

When you go coffee shopping, ensure you check the roasting date. Also, use the coffee quickly; it should not last for more than a month. Checking the roasting date is very important as it will save you the agony of buying stale coffee. Also, after brewing your coffee, drink it while it is still hot. This is because as it cools, the chemicals reactions taking place will make it taste bitter and go flat, which will ruin your cup.


Water normally accelerates carbon dioxide release. This is evidenced by the bubbling reaction when water gets into contact with the coffee grounds. When you pour water on it, the gas prevents the liquid from extracting the entire flavor from the coffee. This process is known as blooming. It normally shows that your coffee is fresh. It is a faster way of degassing your coffee, which is made possible by pouring a small amount of water over your grounds.

You can let your coffee bloom by pouring water over it and waiting for 30-40 seconds for it to bubble up. As soon as the bubbling is over, proceed with the brewing process. Letting the carbon dioxide gas to escape will help improve your coffee in these ways:

  • The CO2 usually gives a sour flavor. If you don’t let the grounds to bloom before you brew the coffee, the gas infuses a sour taste.
  • CO2 also repels water, which could interfere with the brewing process. Water is used to extract oils and the aromatics found in coffee after all the carbon dioxide has escaped.

The next time you prepare coffee at home, leave the grounds to bloom first. This will give them a chance to breathe leaving you with the finest notes of the coffee.

The Roast Level – How Dark the Beans Are Roasted – Affects How Long the Coffee Will Last

The process taken to produce darker roasts is longer, which leads to them producing oils on the surface. Darker roasts stale quicker since the high oil levels in them lead to rancidity. They also have high levels of bitterness when you compare them to lighter roasts. Over time, dark roasts lose their sweetness and will require careful brewing to minimize the bitterness. In light roasts, you taste the coffee’s fruitiness and acidity; when you get darker, the taste of the roast takes over. For the best coffee maker reviews, check out The Coffee Maven. Visit our site for more engaging blog posts.

How to brew coffee at home – can you beat the baristas? – words Alexa Wang


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