Overcome British Winter Fatigue with Burberry Clothing

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Weather- A Natural Metaphor 

Weather is a natural metaphor of God’s creation. It’s always lovely to enjoy the rain, cool breeze in summers while taking sunbath near the seashore. It will land you in a dreamy world familiar to paradise.

It is relatively blissful to remain in such illusion for a longer period of time if possible. On the other hand, just turn around to check the weather forecast in England; you will fell into the pit of a cold icy hole altogether leaving yourself in an aggravated condition. UK is the coldest country on the atmospheric map where winter season at peak will have dreadful effects if you don’t take it serious. The winters in UK are known due to its chilled air moving in the streets of the United Kingdom leaving everything freezing. Rainy season tormented you in winter like nothing worst. Temperature becomes so low causing lakes and rivers to freezing state almost every year. 

Burberry Clothing label

Protecting UK People from British Weather  

The best way to survive the UK winter season is to wear warm clothes, warm shoes and anything that keeps you away from drastic effects of cold weather. Whenever we talk about UK weather and warm clothing, it would not be wrong to link it with the most famous historical person Mr. Thomas Burberry, founder of Burberry brand. The reason is quite familiar because Mr. Burberry didn’t establish Burberry to make it a brand but with an ambition to design clothing line that could protect people from British weather.

Burberry Inventions

The Top Most Famous Inventions by Thomas Burberry was gabardine, a unique waterproof fabric to wear in rainy season. It was heavy to wear back then but gives protection in icy rain of course. In 1908, Air Commodore Edward Maitland set off his journey to travel from crystal palace to Russia in a hot air balloon. At that time, he wears Burberry gabardine surviving the atmospheric conditions during that course.

British Explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton wore Burberry gabardine in many instances in early 20th century.     

The Burberry trench coat is designed in World War I. It also includes gloves, the gun flop to protect as shield against the stormy weather to drain water runoff smoothly on it.

Burberry check is now considered its trademark lining used for rain wear. Burberry sneakers are the best in town due to its durability in all seasons especially in rainy and wintery seasons. Burberry hoodies in winter keeps you warm and safe. You can easily go to outdoor dinners, parties and enjoy the life in its fullest. With Burberry, you don’t need to worry from weather anymore. Burberry never gave up on its basic principle to save the people from winter turbulent conditions. 

Burberry british

Burberry Proud Moments

In 1955, Queen Elizabeth II awarded Burberry the Royal warrant for weather proofer couture. Burberry received Royal warranty once again from HRH the Prince of Wales as an outfitter. Burberry coats, jackets, scarfs, hoodies and hats are the whole winter collection one should buy if love his own self. They promise to deliver within a day when ordered.


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