Some unique Canadian craft beers to try this Summer

Some unique Canadian Craft Beers to try this Summer – words Alan Woods

If you’re planning a garden party this summer, making sure that you’re fully stocked up on bottles of cool, refreshing beer is an absolute must. Garden parties are awesome ways to enjoy the warmer weather, and whether you’re planning to cook a full meal or simply throw some meat on the barbeque, you can be sure to have the best time.

When purchasing beer for your garden party, it’s essential to make sure that you choose beverages that everybody is going to enjoy. With that in mind, we’ve put together some of the best Canadian craft beers that you can be assured will be a big hit at your summer garden party.


Niagara Premium

A selection of Canadian beers would not be complete without the classic Niagara Premium beer. Brewed right near the famous waterfalls at the Niagara Brewing Company, this refreshing beer is a must-have at any Canadian garden party. Bring the taste of the falls right to your own garden with this crisp, thirst-quenching beer. Created in honor of the natural beauty, force and awe-inspiring power of the wonderful Niagara Falls, this beer is distinguished by sweet, malty flavors and crisp citrus undertones. Almost as impressive as the beautiful waterfalls themselves, make sure to stock up well on this beer for your garden party as it will go down a treat with your guests!

Rye Pale Ale

A beer from Oakville, Ontario, the Rye Pale Ale is a refreshing, bittersweet drink that’s the perfect accompaniment to a great garden party or barbecue. Winning the bronze award from the Canadian Brewing Awards in 2013, you can be sure that this beer is going to taste really good no matter what you’re drinking it with. Thanks to its bittersweet tones, it may be an acquired taste for some – but those who drink it agree that it’s a classic Canadian Pale Ale that’s definitely not to be missed.

Black Cat Lager

For the lager lovers out there, Black Cat will definitely be a firm favorite at your summer garden party. With beginnings in Saskatchewan’s first ever microbrewery, this lager is rich and refreshing, with a delicate coffee-flavored hint which makes it unique and also extremely tasty.

King Pilsner

If you’re looking to serve up some award-winning pints at your garden party, look no further than the King Pilsner, which won the silver award at the Canadian Brewing Awards. Definitely one of the crispest and most refreshing Czech style brews to the north of the border, the King Pilsner is made with imported Bohemian malts and is the perfect choice of tasty brew for a garden party tipple.

La Fin du Monde

This beer is definitely one of the best in Canada, and it’s won more awards and accolades than pretty much any of its fellow Canadian competitors. A light Canadian ale that’s crisp, refreshing and fruity to taste, you can be sure to run out of bottles pretty quickly at your garden party. Definitely a beer with plenty of bragging rights, it’ll fit right in whether you’re having a barbeque or a posh meal.

Oranje Weisse

In the 19th century, this light, crisp and refreshing beer was almost made extinct by strict German beer laws. However, it survived, giving us the sweet, unfiltered brew with hints of citrus orange that we know and love today. Although this is a seasonal beer, if you can get hold of some for your garden party it will definitely go down an absolute treat with your guests.

Honeymoon Peach Raider

Brewed in the ‘Honeymoon Capital of the World’ which is of course none other than the majestic Niagara Falls, Honeymoon Peach Raider is a fruity and refreshing beer which is perfect for accompanying any type of garden party foods. With a fresh and airy malt sweetness and pleasant ginger and peach undertones, this beer is a tasty beverage which your guests will fall in love with.

Amber Eh!

Last but not least, Amber Eh! Ale is a tribute to Amber, a vivacious Canuk from the Great White North with a love for the wild. With a blend of toasted grain and traditional North American Hops with sweet caramel undertones, this tasty ale is full of flavor and makes the perfect accompaniment to tasty garden party grub.

When it comes to choosing an authentic Canadian craft beers for your summer garden party, you’re definitely spoilt for choice! Which are your favorite beers? Whether they’re on this list or not, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Some unique Canadian Craft Beers to try this Summer – words Alan Woods



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