A Review on How to Distinguish Real Silver from Fake Silver

words Al Woods

In today’s world, jewelry is one of the most sought-after luxury pieces for high-income earners and middle-income earners alike. It is no wonder that silver is used to make jewelry to satisfy the demand of both these classes of individuals.

However, the business of counterfeiting designer silver jewelry is on the rise, and individuals have to be careful about what they purchase. This is because the tools at the hands of counterfeiters are of such quality that not many can differentiate real against a cheap knockoff.

When purchasing silver jewelry, it is crucial to decide which kind of silver you want your piece made from as there is a variety, including pure silver and .925 Sterling Silver. This will make it harder to be duped into buying counterfeits as the pieces usually are labeled. This review will look into how to avoid fake silver, how to spot fake silver, and also how to test if a piece is made from legitimate silver or not.

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How to Avoid Fake Silver

Buy from Reputable Dealers

When buying silver jewelry, you should make sure that you buy from a reputable dealer. You achieve this by asking for recommendations from friends or doing your research regarding the same.

It is improbable that a known dealer will sell you a fake piece because they have their reputation to lose, which is worse than a client losing money from a fake piece as this kind of negative publicity can crumble a business.

Don’t Buy Online

It is always advisable not to procure expensive things such as jewelry online to avoid being duped. For instance, if you buy fake jewelry overseas, the time it takes to ship back such products and investigate who is on the wrong can be very frustrating, and it may end up as a wild goose chase.

genuine silver

How to Spot Fake Silver

Look for The Stamp

Most countries require pure silver to be stamped, and the same applies for .925 Sterling Silver. It’s usually on the underside of a piece and can be a simple etching or writing depending on where it is from.

Mint Mark

Most counterfeiters will not include a mintmark when making knockoff pieces. A mint mark shows the specific location the piece was made in. Counterfeiters may insert mint marks, but the level of precision will not be the same as the real one, which means it can be spotted.

Rust & Other Imperfections

A well-curated piece of silver jewelry is likely not to have rust and other imperfections that indicate a lack of attention to detail. This means pieces that have these imperfections are more likely to be fake.

Testing for Fake Silver

Neodymium Magnets

These are magnets used to test silver and can be found for reasonable prices and in an array of sizes. Dealers usually use them, and when placed beside a silver coin or bar, it should move the piece. Silver has fragile magnetic properties; if the piece does not move in any way or thoroughly latches on the magnet, it is most likely fake.

Bleach Test

Real silver tarnishes very quickly, whereas most metals used to counterfeit silver do not. Therefore, place a drop of bleach on the piece and wait. If the reaction is immediate and the piece starts blackening, then this is silver.

Sound Test

Real silver will emit a bell-like sound when tapped, whereas the other metals used by counterfeiters in place of silver will generally produce a dull thud. Therefore, you can tap it with another metallic item or drop the piece on a flat surface, and the bell sound will be emitted.

Acid Test

This should be a last result because the chemicals can do damage your piece. The tests will tell if the silver is real and even the level of purity.


To sum it all up, it is evident that indeed fake silver is a real thing, with many looking to cash in from unsuspecting buyers. Therefore, buyers should be cautious when making such a significant investment.


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