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ePOS software comes in many varieties, but not all are created equal. Some software only performs very specific tasks, some come with tons of extras and tools, and others still are barebones POS software. So which are the best for retailers? We’ve put together this list of the top three ePOS software for retailers so you can make a better-informed decision on which system is right for you.

1. EPOS Now

This ePOS system is one of the most widely used (and recommended) software systems in the UK. With excellent software, extra tools, and now its own app store, EPOS NOW is truly making an impact in the payment processing industry.

The software serves somewhere around 30,000 businesses in the UK, with an annual two billion British pounds processed per year. The company itself was launched around eight years ago in 2011 and has since grown to become the leading cloud-based ePOS software in the UK.

As the UK’s 13th fastest growing company, EPOS NOW has a lot to offer businesses of every kind. Their software is intuitive, easy to learn, and most of all, reliable and secure. The software will function whether you’re connected to the web or not, so you can be sure you’ll never be without your system even in the event of an internet outage.

The company offers both POS software and terminals, which isn’t always the case with POS companies. You can even give the software a try with a free trial at EPOS NOW’s website, If you’re unsatisfied, you can simply remove the software with no obligations.

With a customizable dashboard, high-level security protocols, inventory tracking tools, a customer management tool, and staff tracking tools, the software is your all-in-one management and POS system. It does it all!

The touch screen terminals are quick and responsive, working seamlessly with the EPOS NOW software and offering the ultimate POS experience. It comes with a free credit card reader, a receipt printer, and a metal cash drawer; everything you need to transform your store’s point of sale.

You can pick up EPOS NOW’s complete POS system for just 1,799 British pounds, or 72 per month.

Overall, EPOS NOW is one of the best ePOS systems out there. Reliable soft and hardware, a dedicated team behind the system, and a reputation for excellence make this ePOS setup a top choice for retailers all over the UK.

2. Vend HQ

Vend HQ is yet another quality name in the payment processing industry. This web-based software sports a reputation for quality and security, uniting thousands of retailers across the UK with a single idea: quality ePOS.

The software itself is easy to set up and use, making the training process much simpler and time-effective. Like most cloud-based systems, the software will work whether you’re online or not, syncing with the cloud once a connection has been reestablished.

You can create individual accounts for both employees and management, separating users by authorization and allowing for a more seamless and unified employee management system. Since the software is web-based, you can also use your own iPad or other POS equipment, meaning fewer upfront costs.

Vend is also known for its quality e-commerce options, bringing the same level of care and security to web-based stores as it does to brick and mortar establishments. If you’re an online retailer looking for a secure and flexible payment processing option, Vend might just be exactly what you’re searching for.

You can obtain the Vend HQ ePOS software for 49-69 British pounds per month, depending on the package you choose. Enterprise packages are generally custom priced.

Vend’s ePOS system is both easy to use and powerful, allowing for better management of inventory, cash flow, and employee performance. Try it today to learn why Vend remains one of the UK’s leading ePOS software companies!

3. Lightspeed

With 24/7 customer support, an easy-to-use (and customize) software system, and a reputation for excellence in the industry, Lightspeed POS is our last pick for the best ePOS software for retailers. Last, but certainly not the least of the group, Lightspeed has a lot to offer your business.

The software allows you to seamlessly create customer profiles, track purchase history, and create sales, discounts, and promotions right from the terminal. You can also integrate the software with vendor catalogs to create a more efficient ordering process for your inventory.

Speaking of inventory, the software also tracks your stock in real-time, so you’ll always be aware of what you have in stock and what needs to be ordered. You can generate all manner of reports on sales, inventory numbers, and more for your review.

Another advantage of Lightspeed is its portability, allowing for sales to occur directly on the sales floor and eliminating the need for a stationary sales terminal. Conduct sales and view reports on the go, from anywhere.

You’ll want to call Lightspeed to get a custom quote for your business, but the most popular plan the company offers falls at right around seventy pounds per month. For multiple business locations, you’ll need to call for a quote.

Overall, Lightspeed is quick, effective, portable, and secure. With a reasonable price tag and 24/7 customer support behind it, Lightspeed secures its spot on our list without question. Give the software a try today and see what makes it so unique.

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