Best first visit ideas for new homeowners

words Alexa Wang

If you have a friend who just got into a new house and is feeling all of that awesome mood, it’s important that you celebrate that achievement with them. Here are some gifts that you could get them on your first visit:

A restaurant gift card

A person who is settling into a new home never really has it as a priority to cook dinner. So, you could save them the hassle by getting them a gift card to a restaurant nearby. Save them the trouble by just helping them to get a great meal somewhere close and they’ll undoubtedly appreciate that.

A lovely candle

There’s hardly anything that evokes that feeling of calmness and warmth as a nice candle. When it comes to candles, you might need to do a bit of spending, so make sure you get something that is both rich and subtle. The scent should also be lovely, and don’t forget to throw in a matchbox as well.

Fresh baked goods

Baked goods tend to make everything better, don’t they?  If you’ve gotten to the road and you suddenly remember that you need to get a gift, then head to a nearby bakery and purchase some lovely baked goods. Butter and sugar are appreciated by just about everyone, so don’t be afraid to get a sugary gift for your friends.

Some champagne

Another thing that almost always makes everything better is alcohol for sure! Bring up some champagne to your friend’s new house, and you could al even pop the bottle and celebrate the new achievement.

However, if you want to give them a gift that they’ll have for a while, the you could invest in some awesome champagne boxes as well to go with the bottle. You can check for some high-quality options at all times.


Hey, what about something that adds to the aesthetic appeal of the house? Colorful, lovely blooms are a great gift, especially since there’s hardly anything like having a house that’s too beautiful.  In addition to that, staying in a house that’s surrounding you with beauty and warmth can help reduce stress and induce a feeling of organization. Not bad at all.

A plant

If you want something that will last a log longer than just a bouquet of flowers, then you could go on to get a green, leafy plant. Of course, there’s the fact that plants are a bit more of a responsibility than just flowers. However, they’re still a great choice nonetheless.

A welcome mat

Since they’re going into a new home, you could get a welcome mat that they’ll use as well. If you like, you could go with something classic and simple, or you could even splurge on the extravagance and get something custom made instead. Regardless of the choice you make, you’re fine for sure. Most people have a welcome mat on their list or things to get already. Why not help them cross one item off that list?


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