6 Harry Potter-Themed Wedding Essentials You Cannot Afford To Miss

words Alexa Wang

harry potter wedding

Wedding themes are all over the place these days. From Cinderella to Game of Thrones, couples are opting for their favourite fictional characters and are recreating their fantasy worlds for their D-day.

Since we all want to make our weddings the most extravagant and magical affair of our lives, there is the only way to do it. Add a little magic, crafted with the potions and spells and turn your wedding into a fantasy magical wedding with the swish of your wand as you plan your big day, Harry Potter style! 

harry potter event

Sorting Hat For The Cake

While there are many white cake options available for you, none would ever match up to the standard that your sorting hat cake would set! Yes, you heard that right. Sorting hat design would make the perfect cake for your wedding, which will add a unique feel to the theme. It’s a delight which you and all your guests will thoroughly enjoy. 

You can also consider having a golden snitch cake. 

Guest Table Decor

When it comes to the guest table decor, you have unlimited opportunities to set in the right feel. Small pictures of Dumbledore, Hermione and Harry along with potion bottles and spell books, would do the trick for you. Use antique candle stands, and for the sweet tooth cravings chocolate frogs, Bertie Bott’s every flavour beans and golden snitch are the perfect picks. Gryffindor red napkins, dried flowers and harry potter flyers are other great additions you must opt for.  

harry potter wands

Wands For All

What’s a Harry Potter-themed wedding without magical wands for all! Get handcrafted magic wands made for turning all your guests into witches and wizards and let the fun begin. Think of some cool wand games to give them the real feel of being a wizard and make your wedding the most cherished event of every guest’s life. Provide separate wand placement space on the guest table so the guests can keep it with them throughout the night. 

Marauder’s Map For Invites

Replace the traditional invitations with Marauder’s map. Sounds exciting already, right? Keep the authenticity of the map intact with a few Harry Potter quotes along with your actual invite. Fold it like the original map and mention all the invite details inside it with a platform 9¾ ticket to reach your wedding destination. You can also mimic the Hogwarts acceptance letter for your wedding invite. 

Exchange Vows In Style

Don’t forget to add a dash of magic to your wedding wows. Light the goblet of fire, and exchange the vows in front of it. This simple addition will make the wedding a lot more fun, plus it will give the guests something to talk about for days to come. Wouldn’t you love to have a wedding that the whole town talks about?

Gifts For Your Partner

In all the detailed wedding planning and preparation, don’t forget to get your lover an amazing wedding gift. We understand that finding the perfect gift for them can be challenging and overwhelming. But you can go through online gift stores that stock personalised gifts for her, UK. You could choose from an extensive selection of chocolate bouquets, buckets of love, treat boxes, etc. You can express your feelings by adding a personalised gift card to the hamper. 

If you want to keep it simple and only want to harry porter themed decorations, adorn the venue in Hogwarts dining style, and you are good to go. May you have a magical wedding! 


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