5 Ice Breaker Ideas to Make your Corporate Events More Engaging

words Alexa Wang

In charge of the ‘ice breaker’ for your next corporate event and dreading if the reactions will veer towards, ‘Sounds cool!’ or ‘Oh no!’? Let’s not blame you, there are scores of ice breaker ideas out there that were doomed to begin with.

Nonetheless, the fact is attendees often struggle to get past small talk. Ice breakers are therefore, quite an important tool for setting the tone and to kick-start engagements. The purpose of an ice breaker is primarily to achieve a boost in audience engagement and

  • Help attendees to warm up,
  • Introduce event facilitators,
  • Initiate collaboration and networking, and
  • Create a memorable experience.
Ice Breaker Ideas

Don’t let ice breakers become a deal breaker

Ever heard those cringe worthy tales that earn a negative reputation for the organisers. Remember, the best ice breaker ideas are the simplest ones. Set clear objectives and be sensitive. You would not want to push your attendees out of their comfort zones.

Ice breakers should be relevant to the event and in line with the logistics of time and space of your event. If you are still unsure, here are five ice breaker ideas:

– Common ground

If the event group is small, pair them and if it’s a large gathering, group them in five or ten people each. Ask them to find out two most interesting things they have in common. This should help them connect to discover shared interests and qualities.

– One question check-in

Perhaps the simplest and quickest of all ideas where a common question is asked to all attendees. Choose according to the group demographic and event purpose. It should be something that will encourage positive thinking and lead to interesting discussions. For instance, when was the first time you heard of—company, job, product, etc.?

– Do you know me?

A wonderful ice breaker for a networking event, especially where two or more groups are attending. Attendees get a card with the name of someone from the ‘other’ group. Participants then approach each other, ask ‘Do you know me?’ along with two follow-up questions about job profile, designation, etc. It gets them moving around and knowing each other.

– Audience Polls

Not everyone likes to stand-up and talk, and auditorium seating can make moving around difficult. Go for polling questions, keep them fun and relevant to your brand or topic. A simple show of hands or even an online polling tool can throw up interesting observations that will initiate discussions.

Ice Breakers

– #PhotoBooth

Set up a photo booth with fun props and see the fun. These snaps can also be further used to guess job profiles of people in polls or group discussions. What’s more, photo ops and updates with hashtags on social media can be a fun way to promote the event live and engage a wider audience.

Relaxed attendees are more likely to have a positive experience and likely to return for future events. Give a leg up to your corporate event by opting for Snappy Photobooths in Sydney or other ice breakers above and witness greater engagement levels.


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