5 ideas To Consider When Designing Your Kitchen

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Designer Kitchen

The kitchen is a hugely important part of anyone’s home as you spend a good amount of time there, from breakfasts to preparing food and washing up. In fact, it’s probably the third most used room in a home, behind the living room and bedroom, so it’s important to make it a great space.

When putting together a kitchen it’s common to compromise style for functionality, and while yes, functionality is key, that doesn’t mean that it can’t look great.

Look around all find features that you like, put together a kitchen where you want to spend time. You never know, it may lead to some inspired cooking. If you want your kitchen to look the part when you’re designing your home it’s worth considering adding some of these features:

Designing Your Kitchen


An island in the middle of a kitchen offers somewhere to spend time in the mornings when you are having breakfast.

Often it’s not worth getting the dining room set up for a quick cereal, but that doesn’t mean that your kitchen breakfast doesn’t have to be enjoyable.

Think about implementing an island into your kitchen to make it a great social space as well, rather than just a place where you can prepare food.

Towel Rail

One that many won’t think about, a towel rail is essential for those hand cloths and dish towels, so why not get one that looks great.

In fact, why not go a step further and get a heated towel rail which also acts as a radiator, freeing up some space and offering your kitchen a unique feature.

With multiple finish options available at retailers like Trade Radiators, you will be able to find a heated towel rail that perfectly compliments your chosen aesthetic.


How many times have you burned your food? Get a timer for your kitchen so that it doesn’t continue to happen.

You can get clocks that are equipped with digital timers, so when you have friends over you won’t have to deal with the embarrassment of serving up burnt food.

Coffee Maker

Instant coffee might do the trick, but if you’re going to start the day right, the only way to do it is with some fresh ground coffee beans.

You can get coffee machines that slot into units, offering a practical and stylish way to kick off your day.

They are easy to operate and reduce the risk of burning yourself with scalding water while only half-awake, a common danger when using a cafetiere or instant coffee.

They also have the option to make lattes, cappuccinos, and more for when you have people over and want to offer the perfect post-dinner coffee.

Burn-Proof Surfacing

A must-have in many kitchens, often surfacing will get spoiled by a pot that’s been on the hob for too long.

Make sure that doesn’t happen with a granite kitchen countertop that won’t be affected by extreme heat.

You can opt for something stylish too, with limitless colour options available and granite’s stylish patterned design.


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