7 Items That Are Perfect For Techy Golfers

words Alexa Wang

Golf is a fun and challenging sport and there are people who just love to play golf. Apart from the enjoyment and pleasure that they find from it, they also garner a form of self-fulfillment once they achieve their goals in the game.

Some go the extra mile to leverage on the advancements in modern technology to their advantage for a more seamless golfing experience. If one of your friends or loved ones is one of these techy golfers, then the gift ideas below may just help you make them feel extra special.

Techy Golfers

Golf Watch

A techy golfer would really love a golf watch with a built-in heart rate monitor, activity profiles, and performance metrics. This will greatly help them keep track of their game. There are numerous brands that offer this kind of smartwatch but be sure to check the different features of each.

GPS Devices

Global Positioning System, or GPS devices aid golfers in reaching their target. The best golf GPS device is one that is lightweight, with a high-resolution display. Some even feature an automatic course recognition with a touchscreen that makes it easy to use.

Innovative Drivers

There are drivers that are incorporated with AI, or artificial intelligence, to promote a faster ball speed. This enhances the distance that the ball can travel over the course. Consider this as one of the best gifts that you can give a techy golfer.

Swing Analyzer

There are swing analyzers that are powered by Bluetooth technology. This device can be clipped on the back of the glove, generating and analyzing data about the speed of a golfer’s swing, as well as their tempo or backswing. This will give the golfer a good idea on where to improve further to enhance his game.

Golf Gloves

Modern golf gloves are now equipped with moisture-wicking technology that can keep a golfer’s hand dry. As a result, they never have to deal with a sweaty grip. Thus, they are able to perform that perfect swing.

Polarized Sunglasses

Make sure that the eyes of your techy golfer are protected from the harmful rays of the sun through polarized sunglasses. The special technology behind polarized sunglasses keeps the view of the person wearing it still sharp, which is essential in golf. The plus side is that it makes them look cool too.

LED Light Golf Balls

Light up your techy golfer’s eyes with LED light golf balls that will allow them to finish the game even when dark starts to settle in. The light in these balls typically lights up for around eight minutes, allowing them to wrap up the game.

golf tech

To wrap things up, a golf watch, GPS devices, drivers, or even swing analyzers are some of the best gifts that you can give a techy golfer. Aside from these devices, consider also giving them some state of the art golf gloves or polarized sunglasses which are already infused with technology. Even an LED light golf ball may tickle their fancy.


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