Lily & Kat film – A friendship spirals out of control

One point or another, many of us get to a point where we feel stuck. Whether it’s being stuck in a career you don’t love, or stuck in trying to find the inner fire that sparks any desirable passion for anything or feel stuck with certain people that play a crucial role in our daily lives.

Lily & Kat starring Hannah Murray (Skins, Game of Thrones) as Kat and Jessica Rothe as Lily made its world premiere in Toronto for the Next Wave Film Festival.

Micael Preysler made his directorial debut about two young fashion graduates in New York City whose friendship spirals out of control when Kat reveals that she’s moving back home to London in a week. Lily is in disarray after finding out that the only person she felt was the most secure thing in her life is leaving her behind. She hits the self-destructive mode trying to forget about the news as well as the unhappiness she’s dealing with in her own life. During their last week together, the twenty-three year olds venture into the city living out reckless nights with drinking, doing drugs and meeting various people along the way including Henri (starring Jack Falahee), a charming artist. From the beautiful cinematography to the incredible soundtrack, Preysler captures New York City at its finest.

It’s clear that Lily’s life hasn’t turned out the way she planned. After graduating, she starts working at a high-end boutique that’s darkly lit, lifeless, pretentious and uncreative. Instead of creating her own designs and becoming the successful designer she hoped for, she leeched on to the only job that would pay her bills and is still associated in the fashion world. Many times students graduate, they think the world is their oyster and they will accomplish everything they set out to do. Except it usually never ends up that way. Whether you are in your twenties or even older with an established career, Preysler’s film resonates to all who feel like their life is nothing like they anticipated. The film illustrates the constant failure and rejection one feels when things don’t seem to be going their way.

The complex relationship between Lily and Kat takes a turn for the worst when Lily announces her departure. Lily is passive aggressive towards her best friend because she’s mad that she’s leaving her behind after promising one another they’d ‘run’ New York City together. Behind Lily’s anger though is insecurity and fear. She’s scared that the only person she can rely on is leaving. Kat was the only person Lily had that she felt sure of. Preysler captures the way in which people latch on to the only thing they’ve got going for them and how being alone, especially in a big city where one can get lost in the mix, is absolutely frightening.

Lily & Kat film review by Bojana Duric

Director: Micael Preysler
Producer: Garen Barsegian
Writer: Micael Preysler, Megan Platts
Composer: Glowbug
Cinematographer: Todd Antonio Somodevilla
Editor: Teel Rex Lowry
Casting Director: Matthew Maisto
Production Designer: Stewart Gerard


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