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Reasons Why Living a Sustainable Life is Good for You – Flux Magazine

Reasons Why Living a Sustainable Life is Good for You

words Al Woods

Sustainable Life

Sustainability may seem just a buzz word but only until you take a closer look at the subject. Defined as the ability to meet the needs of the present without endangering future generations, this concept encompasses economic, social, and environmental components, affecting all spheres of our life. If you wonder why living a sustainable life is good for you, here are the answers.

It’s Good For Your Health

A sustainable lifestyle brings plenty of benefits, taking care of both your mental health and physical fitness. 

Let’s start with cars that not only consume vast amounts of oil and contribute to global warming but also do not let you live a healthier and happier life. Experts from Whole People, a global platform dedicated to publishing the best ideas and tools for sustainable living, confirm that walking and cycling whenever possible can be a real game-changer when it comes to people’s health and longevity. According to numerous studies, walking just 30 minutes a day can make a big difference while fast walkers tend to live 15-20 years longer than those who do not take advantage of this excellent cardiovascular workout.

Moving forward, if you try to stick with the rules of a sustainable lifestyle, you make every effort to sleep in a natural fashion, meaning you sleep when it’s dark and use daylight for the majority of your activities. Acting in such a way, you help save a lot of electricity and avoid using too much artificial lighting, which is bad for your eyes, skin, and known for triggering headaches. In addition to that, when you go to bed before 11 p.m., you have quality sleep and enough time to relax, charge your batteries, and be ready to face any challenges that tomorrow can bring.

It’s Wallet-Friendly

One of the major principles of a sustainable lifestyle is to buy only things you really want, need, and will use. While clothes are something that strikes your mind first, in fact, the idea of minimal consumption is much more complex and goes far beyond everyday shopping. 

Think of such an important step as buying a house or an apartment, which is arguably one of the major investments in the life of every individual. People often opt for too spacious homes that significantly exceed the needs of their families. This is not to say, you have to build 3-story beds to squeeze your children in one tiny room and sleep in the kitchen yourself, but one does not have to be a math wiz to calculate the costs for all that heating, lighting, insulating, and a heck of a lot of other stuff. 

All that unnecessary space costs not only our planet, it also costs you, dearly. The bottom line is that by living a sustainable life, you can save a lot of your hard-earned money first when buying your home, and then day after day, year after year – for the rest of your life.

It’s More Fun

Sustainable Life

This one is perhaps not the most obvious reason, but let’s take a closer look at what we’re trying to say. People who live a sustainable life aim to minimize the use of any electronic devices, which means less TV, computer, and omnipresent small screens. Think that they are dead bored? No, not at all! Quite on the contrary, they have much more fun than ever before. Why not follow their example and spend just one day away from your smartphone?

Trust us, you will suddenly discover that nature is a great source of entertainment while your family and friends are the best company in the world. Depending on your preferences and local landscape, you can enjoy the full benefits of hiking, swimming, playing beach volleyball, climbing, or simply walking in the park. Whichever outdoor activity you choose, you can’t go wrong as nothing can compare to relishing a huge dose of fresh air and positive vibes able to boost your mood and productivity at work.

And, please, do not underestimate such exciting activities as playing popular board or card games that both kids and adults love. If you live alone, consider getting a dog as it’s hard to find a better companion for an active and healthy pastime. Even when you feel like sitting in front of the TV for the whole day, your most devoted friend will find a way to get you outside.

Making our planet a better place to live is a lofty goal that is definitely worth a shot. This is not a finite list of reasons why living a sustainable life is good for you and we do hope you will soon add to it your own suggestions. 


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