Memo Paris – Perfumes Inspired by Far Away Destinations

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Irish Leather reflects the beauty of horseback riding in unspoiled nature. Its accord evokes the grace of horses galloping over green grasses.

Perfumes Inspired Destinations

Cuirs Nomades Collection

Seeing fragrance as a journey, Memo Paris redraws the map of a sensitive world steeped in emotions. Its freely composed perfumes explore destinations that are chosen for their aura and sensory imagination, and then blend with the most beautiful natural ingredients.

The founders of the brand, Clara and John Molloy, both travelers, are themselves heirs to an old world, with their Irish roots and Parisian lifestyle. They dreamed of an adventure that would take them to a world of memories and experiences, where travel combines with beauty to become a sense-awakening epic.

From the Cuirs Nomades Collection, the perfume Inle takes you to a land where time stands still over Lake Inle in Burma: a shimmering lake under a russet sky. A jasmine absolute and a leather accord are the olfactory markers of this unique landscape. The scent recalls a moment of intense sensuality in the heart of the day, when olfactory and visual dimensions merge into an unbroken harmony.

Fruity Collection

Indulge your senses with Memo Paris, a perfumery that creates and sells original perfumes inspired by far-flung destinations. The brainchild of real-life couple – and eternal explorers – Clara and John Molloy, this ultra-luxe brand captures the spirit of travel with a range of exotic, intoxicating fragrances.

Founded in 2007, MEMO Paris is dedicated to crafting olfactory masterpieces that capture a special memory. Guided by their belief that the journey is as important as the destination, they re-chart the map of a sensory world steeped in emotion with unique, powerful natural ingredients.

Discover a vibrant addition to their Fruity olfactive family with Madurai, a new fragrance that evokes the marketplace of South India. This aromatic whirlwind is an exquisite journey where fruits become more than just ingredients, but evocative fragments of a fragrant adventure. The collection is complemented by a beautiful travel case trimmed in dark or colored leather, with interchangeable 10ml bottles. Engrave your name to personalize this sophisticated accessory, then take your favorite Memo Paris scents with you wherever you go.

Floral Collection

Seeing perfume as a journey, Memo Paris re-charts the map of a sensory world steeped in emotion, where magical destinations mingle with potent natural ingredients. Each fragrance is a unique verse in the story of personal identity.

The brand’s floral olfactive family reflects this poetic idea with its exquisite bouquets that tell a tale of personal discovery. Discover the gentle allure of rose with Tiger’s Nest, the opulent allure of tuberose with Lalibella or the evocative charm of jasmine sambac and sandalwood with Madurai.

Founded in 2007 by Clara and John Molloy, the Parisian-Irish couple, Memo Paris is guided by the motto that “the journey is the destination”. Their passion for travel fuels their imagination of far-flung landscapes. Combining their Parisian heritage and Irish spirit with a well-travelled knowledge of the world, Memo Paris offers an olfactory experience that echoes all the beauty of the earth’s most exotic locales. Discover the Cuirs Nomades, Graines Vagabondes and Art Land collections.

The Flying Collection

Memo Paris is a perfumery that creates and sells original perfumes, each inspired by a specific destination. The brand’s founders, Clara and John Molloy (a pair that met on a chair lift in 2005), believe that fragrance is like a journey, with the destination being the starting point of a sensorial expedition.

The brand’s latest fragrance, Sintra ($300/75ml), evokes the coastal Portuguese city of the same name. The scent blends bright airy citruses such as orange blossom and neroli with warm Madagascar vanilla, marshmallow, and caramel. The result is a playful and enticing fragrance that’s perfect for warm weather adventures.

Other fragrances in the collection include Lalibela, Ethiopia; Granada, Spain; and Inle Lake, Burma. Using the perfume quiz, you can find your ideal Memo perfume. Or, try Irish Leather, which features a potent mix of pink pepper, oil of clary sage, juniper berry, green mate absolute, iris concrete, and Tonka bean absolute. It’s a great scent for anyone who loves the outdoors or is looking for an intoxicating, masculine fragrance.



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