5 Personalized Wedding Guest Books for Bride & Groom

words Alexa Wang

A wedding is the most special event in people’s life. Every single moment on a special day is capturable and worthy of being a special memory. All brides and grooms want to carry each part of this day with them for life. However, the day; like most good things; fleets by very quickly and not much can be preserved.

Wedding Guest Book

You can, however; have a tangible memoir of your special day! A memoir that reminds you of the day you took the wedding vows and the people you celebrated your special day with! A glimpse of which can run you down memory lane. If you haven’t guessed it yet- Yes! we are talking of the wedding guestbooks! 

Wedding guestbooks have been around for years now and have seen great developments over time. Traditionally, what was restricted to signatures of celebrants on the booklet is now available in unimaginable forms and knows no bounds. A guestbook today can be as you want it to be! 

Here are 5 personalized wedding guest book ideas that you can choose from! 

1] Pinata guestbook 

Pinatas are the most adorable objects you can have in your house. These are brightly coloured, decorated and suspended from a height. You can utilize the Pinata as a guestbook to store messages from your near and dear ones! 

Ask them to write messages on paper blocks and store these in the Pinata. You can display this Piñata at your residence and read messages as and when you desire. The pinata can be in the form of a diamond, wedding cake, butterfly, heart, rose and so on. It will be an aesthetic addition to your living space and also remind you of the beautiful day from time to time. 

2] Video guestbook 

Most of the guestbooks are good keepsakes, but they can never fully reflect the day that you had. wedding Video guest books allow you to experience the day in its entirety every time you watch them. Video guestbooks unlike other guestbooks have a face and voice which makes them more relatable and heart-warming. 

Wedding tips

With video guestbooks, people can actually pour their hearts out when wishing you well for your wedding. Although; video guestbooks might sound like the best alternative; it can be really difficult to collate the videos of so many guests. 

This is where tools come in. Employing video-making tools; you can fabricate an exceptional video guestbook. What is even more interesting is that you can design signage, add a QR code to it, and place it around the wedding venue. 

When your guests arrive, all they have to do is scan the code and film themselves. They can capture moments during the wedding; giving you a sense of re-experience when you watch the video guestbook years later. 

3] Wine or champagne bottle guestbook 

If you aren’t bursting open bottles of wine or champagne on your wedding day then are you even celebrating enough? Wine or champagne bottles are widely used as guestbooks as they significantly remind of the celebration on the wedding day. Instead of getting the regular bottles, get a customized huge bottle of wine and pop it open, pour out and serve the wine or champagne and utilize this bottle as a guestbook! 

Ask your guests to write messages on the bottle and sign over it. This bottle or multiple bottles can then be stored in a corner of your house. To add to the aesthetics, you can throw in some fairy lights over the bottles, add ribbons and so on! 

4] Polaroid guestbook 

Weddings are not solely about the bride and groom. The invitees need to be kept involved and engaged well enough to depict that you truly value their presence. One of the best ways to engage your guests is by installing a photo booth. No wedding is complete without photographs and every single person loves to take pictures. Leverage this fact and get a polaroid guestbook for your wedding!  

Wedding Guest Books

Let your guests click polaroids and sign over them or write messages for you. This can be all framed or aesthetically suspended on ropes to create a cosy corner in your room that reminds you of the remarkable day. 

5] Wishing tree or wooden slab guestbook 

If you and your bride fancy the rustic and vintage styles; a wishing tree or wooden log slab guestbook will serve you best. Get a magnolia or cherry blossom branched tree and let the messages from your invitees dangle over the branches. You can augment the aesthetics by adding ribbons and lights as well. If you go for a wooden slab guestbook, make sure you add final finishes to the wood. This slab can be used as a coffee table or wall art at your residence. 

The options when it comes to guestbooks are endless. Additional to everything mentioned above; you can always use models of something you and your partner are crazy about or something that reflects you both most impeccably. Lastly; wedding guestbooks aren’t made every day; so, when you do make them; ensure they are as perfect as they can be! 


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