Top Probiotic Foods You Can Eat On Low-carb And Ketogenic Diet

words Al Woods

Our diet culture has seen steep growth and advancement over the years. Nutrition has become a valid and defined field in the world of medicine. It has become easier for people to lose or gain weight with research and time scientists have devoted to this segment. 

Two of the most popular diets for losing weight are low carb and ketogenic diets. These will work excellently for you if you are looking to shed some kilos and that too, fast. But a significant problem that comes with these diets is that they restrict a substantial section of the food spectrum. 

As a result, your body lacks a few specific proteins or vitamins, and you feel fatigued all the time. However, apart from these micronutrients, there is a particular kind of food that is quite beneficial to us: probiotic food. 

Supplements are a great way to obtain probiotics because they are known to be sources of probiotic keto. We have come up with an article that will discuss probiotics and which ones can be consumed while on a low-carb and ketogenic diet. 

Probiotic Foods

Probiotics: what are they?

Probiotics are nothing but a kind of beneficial bacteria that reside in our intestinal tract. Its primary function is to help us digest food better. Therefore, it is a bacteria that will also be important for you if you want to lose weight. 

They are also known as gut microbiota and gut flora because they stay in our gut, protecting us from several diseases. A lot of people often wonder why probiotics remain in our gut and not in our stomachs. The truth is our stomach is too acidic for this or any other bacteria to exist. 


One of the most useful sources of probiotics on the keto diet is kimchi. It is originally Korean cuisine, but it has gained quite popular all over the world. People know Kimchi for its spice level, but they do not see an excellent probiotic source. 

You will find it in any departmental store, but it is easy to prepare at home as well!

Probiotic Foods

Unsweetened yogurt 

Unsweetened yogurt, especially Greek yogurt, is one of the most well-known rich sources of probiotics. 

It also contains meager amounts of carbs and fat, making it a suitable fit for a low carb or keto snack. 

However, most people like to go for sweet yogurt. You must remember that it might contain probiotics, but it will not be perfect for your keto or low carb diet.


Kombucha is nothing but fermented tea. You might not find it to be outrightly delicious, but it is considered an acquired taste. As you might be able to see, any edible fermented item is a good source of probiotics or any other good bacteria. 

Once your taste buds get adjusted to it, kombucha can offer an excellent replacement for any of your sodas or beverages. 

Again, sweet kombuchas are available, but they are filled with carbs and might be harmful to your diet.


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