Questions you should ask before selling your house

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Questions you should ask before selling your house – words Al Woods

Selling isn’t just an act of exchanging goods for an agreed sum of money. It’s much more than that involving a series of events where two parties namely a buyer and a seller join hands for the successful closure of a deal.

Therefore, selling your house in any part of the world essentially involves a series of activities that should begin with a set of questions. You should ask those questions to yourself with a view to deriving a clear perspective on the sale.


Why would people buy your house?

When you begin with a question like this, you actually try to define the USP (unique selling proposition, in simple words unique features) of your house. This, in turn, puts you in the shoes of a prospective buyer and allows you to understand a buyer’s perspective. Make a getting house ready to sell checklist. After the brainstorming for some time with the question, you come out with the most suitable reason why one would buy your house. Such a soul search will essentially guide you to make a solid sales pitch to your TG (target group).

What price would you ask for?

You might have spent a fortune while purchased the house. But, when it comes to fixing a price on that house, there is no place for sentiments. Having said that, we do not mean that you should sell the property at a throwaway price. Instead, you must be rationally based on several factors such as ageing of the property, the current condition of the property, the prevailing price of the similar properties in the local market where your house is situated, transport facility, and the amenities of modern living such as school, college, and hospital. You can check prices of the similar properties in your neighbourhood and can also talk to your family, friends, and colleagues on the same. Simultaneously, you could talk to a property agent for some insights here. Don’t forget to add some weight on the future development plans of the area while deciding the price.

Who could be your buyers?

You should know here that not a single product appeals to all. Having said that, we mean, you will have a type of buyers who would love to buy a house like yours. In the management parlance, they are called TG. As such, considering the profile and social status of your TG, you must create a sales pitch for the purpose of selling your house.

What could you do to sell your house?

It pays to advertise. That better explains why the homely hen (that lays a single egg at a time) we praise and the codfish (that lays ten thousand eggs at a time) we despise. In other words, creating a top of mind awareness with the help of personal as well as social network campaigns can be extremely helpful here. Therefore, you must know how to appeal to a buyer that cracks a conversation.

Who could help you sell your house?

Your individual endeavours may not be sufficient for the desired action here. As such, you should think of hiring the third party services such as the agents to help you sell your house.

In short, your entire exercise will bear fruits here provided you are able to close a sale with it.

Questions you should ask before selling your house – words Al Woods



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