5 Types of Shoes Every Guy Should Own

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We don’t want to make you worried, but you probably need shoes. Even if you live in the desert, you need several different types of shoes that meet the moment. Why different types? Why can’t you just wear flip flops all year round? There’s a good reason for that – and before you scoff and click on another article, please know that flip flops are also on this list.

Do you know how less is more? This might not seem like that type of article, but it is, and 5 is actually a very good number. Because it covers all the basics. If you have these five types of shoes, all of your basic needs will be covered and you won’t destroy the shoes you love when you use them for something they were never meant for. Intrigued? Read on:

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Flip Flops

Fine – we’ll start with flip flops. These are actually very useful, even if you live in a place that gets really cold. Flip flops are great for several reasons. Yes, the beach is a reason – but when traveling, there is a great chance that you’re going to be taking a shower in a shower stall often used by other people.

Lurking dangers of getting your feet in contact with unsavory bacteria and fungi are also ever-present at your gym. Even if it’s a very posh gym. You just never know. Regular, simple flip flops are a must-have item in your gym and travel bags. If you have trouble deciding or feel uncomfortable just picking any old pair out from the impulse-buy shelf, check out reviews of the best flip flops for men here.

Rain Boots

Rain boots may seem like overkill but only because we have come to terms with being uncomfortable. You know the feeling “it’s just a short walk from the house to the car” or “parking lot to store” or maybe even a short walk with the dog – and the all familiar feeling of damp socks that are destined to slowly dry on our feet as we go through the day.

In the guy world, owning a pair of good rain boots has almost become synonymous with being really good at taking care of yourself and being an adult. Keeping your feet dry and warm will help you to survive the fall season, as well as any wet spring that may come your way.

Make sure to get a pair that’s up a size, so you can squeeze in some warm and thick socks. Some rain boots can also double as snowshoes – it’s a good idea to get some if you live in an area with any chance of snow. There’s no greater feeling than being prepared when disaster strikes.

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Sports Shoes

By sports shoes, we mean something allowing you to do what you like. Know yourself. You won’t be able to run, hike or power walk with your everyday office shoes. Even if you don’t regularly practice sport, you should have a pair of sports shoes so that in the moments where you do go out – you don’t risk injury from old and worn-out footwear.

Besides, there’s the motivation factor. Workout clothes are an important part of motivation, even if you tell yourself that they’re not important and that you don’t care what you wear. The fact is, that if every runner had an old pair of worn-out gym shoes that remember working out before the senior prom, there wouldn’t be as many driven runners today.

If you’re an avid runner, you know that you need to replace your running shoes from time to time to prevent muscle pain and possibly joint pain. See here if you’re due for a new pair. Comfort is an essential factor, so make sure to choose the right size and type for your favorite activity. Understanding foot pain through this helpful article will help you figure out the right thing for you. Furthermore, don’t forget to also consider the type of support and cushioning that your feet need depending on your foot arch and pronation.

So look in your shoe closet and update your “motivation shoes” right now!

Work Shoes

Do you believe in a work-life balance in the wardrobe? Some people have made that separation, and we don’t think it’s a bad idea at all. Every man should have at least a pair of power shoes in his arsenal.

Why? Because sometimes, you need to make a power uniform. No matter where you work – if you’re a lumberjack, an IRS employee, or a software engineer. Sometimes you need that “I mean serious business” outfit, and shoes are a big part of that.

You don’t want them to be the same ones you go on a family day with, or out for a night with friends, or a wedding, or a date. We admit that the reason for this is purely psychological, but we’ve known people who swear by this method. When it comes going to interviews, nothing makes you calmer. 

The Tennis Shoe/Sneaker

Depending on where you grew up, you can know them as kicks, gym shoes, tennis shoes, trainers or runners. These are indeed different than your shoes meant for actual sport because you need a pair of comfortable shoes to wear every day – to do grocery shopping, bar hopping, and any other casual everyday activity. These shoes should feel like an extension of your foot, and we think you know exactly what we mean.

Some guys swear by the classic converse – and hey – the design hasn’t changed for over 100 years. Some people like other brands like Reeboks or Adidas and the chances are that they like what they grew up with. It’s all the same – a casual, easy to wear shoe that lasts for a long time and feels like a part of us.


We know you have at least one shoe off of this list. Ok, it’s probably the sneaker. But we encourage you to take good care of yourself and expand your repertoire and get some good hiking shoes, rain boots, and flip flops. Your feet will feel pampered, you’ll stay comfortable and dry, and might even prevent unnecessary posture problems or muscle aches!


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