Summer 2021 Wedding Trends

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2021 Wedding Trends

A wedding comes with lots of anticipatory preparations from both the couples and their loved ones. We have seen the proliferation of unique and fabulous dresses coupled with beautiful themes and decorations at recent weddings.

Either as a low profile wedding with less than ten guests or one akin to the great Gatsby’s party about a century, these weddings achieve the elegance and unique style echoed in every blog and social media platform.

Summer is around the corner, and with that comes an increase in weddings. Many trends emerged this year that you can incorporate into your wedding. 

Wedding Dresses

A wedding dress is regarded as the centerpiece for a wedding, with hours, days, weeks, and perhaps years spent trying looking through wedding dresses for your big day, especially when there are many choices to pick from. The following are wedding dress trends for the summer of 2021. 

Cool Tones

Years before, warm colors like champagne gold, creamy yellow, or plain white dresses were the colors in vogue, but brides have been seen to embrace cool tones of recent. Sky blue, lavender, and ivory have been spotted regularly. 


Lace is one of the most popular bridal styles, evoking a feeling of uniqueness and timelessness when worn by the bride. There are a plethora of styles you could tailor your wedding dress to this summer. Ensure your setting blends with your choice of style. 

One-shoulder Gown

Another wedding dress that will be chic this summer is the one-shoulder gown. If you want to show off some skin this summer, a one-shoulder gown is a good selection. There are a barrage of styles available, ranging from formal to simple designs, which afford you the flexibility of blending with your desired setting. 

Sparkle dress

The bride is unarguably at the center of attention on her wedding day, and what magnifies this more than a sparkling dress? The reflectors, sparkles, and other shiny materials give the ideal starlight feel. 

Metallic themes

Metallic-themed wedding decorations are now in and have taken over the traditional decorations that are color-centered. It is unique because it isn’t one size fits all—bronze, silver, rose gold, and black metallic are viable color pallets to choose from. This is the best time to leverage the limitless possibilities that this shimmering theme offers. Metallic theme suits either an idyllic, industrial, or ballroom setting perfectly. 

Wedding Colors

Making the right selection from the available spectrum of colors can be overwhelming at times. However, there are uniquely exquisite colors in vogue in 2021 that a bride can choose from. You can even incorporate multiple colors into your theme.

Using the dark color palette used to be tagged the ‘gloomy wedding,’ but the wide acceptance of dark colors has changed the narrative to adulation. The dark theme is now affiliated with affluence and class rather than gloom. It is the perfect theme for couples who don’t want the conventional colors.

The living coral is one of the colors that will set the pace this summer. It is a vibrant and appealing color that complements almost any kind of décor. Bright color combinations have always been the choice couples go with when planning outdoor weddings with a fusion of nature. Colors like peach, pink, yellow, orange, and indigo are the bright colors that make a lasting and bold impression at summer weddings.

Couples who are planning other types of wedding that won’t necessarily require a colorful theme like tropical, beach, or destination wedding now embrace colorful themes as well. There are no rules on how to incorporate these colors. Once blended perfectly, it creates magic. 


Over two million weddings are held in the U.S. annually. Imagine the kind of waste products that will come from those weddings altogether. Incorporating eco-friendly materials into weddings has become more of a necessity.

The décor, cutleries, venues, location, dresses, and flowers can all be made more sustainable. The use of sustainable materials doesn’t take away the elegance of a wedding. This will be the trend in the coming years.

It’s Your Special Day

A wedding is a beautiful part of one’s life, and the memories of the day linger on. The trends are always in constant change, and it is delightful to glimpse what the future of wedding trends holds. However, remember the day is entirely up to you, and the style options are unlimited.


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