Top tips for leasing a car when travelling this winter

Top tips for leasing a car when travelling this winter – Alan Woods

Whether you’re going on a short break for Christmas, or you’re looking to lease a vehicle for a longer period over the winter, there are many benefits to renting a car whilst you’re travelling.

However, there are some key tips you should bear in mind when car leasing over the festive season. Hopefully the following blog post will summarise these for you, so that you end up with the perfect vehicle for your trip.


Make a list and check it twice

Are you heading up to Scotland for some skiing and hiking around its snowy landscapes? Do you need to take any equipment with you? How much luggage are you planning on taking? These are just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself about your trip when deciding on the vehicle you’re going to lease. The more luggage and items you take, the bigger the car and the bigger the budget you will need to allocate to getting the vehicle that will be robust enough to cope with the task. Make sure you write a thorough list of all these elements, and narrow down your searches to include these details.

Go with a reputable vendor

Once you know what car you need, it’s time to secure your leasing agreement. Most people worry at this stage about being scammed, so make sure you only book with names you know, as well as those with high independent ratings. A good place to look for these is a review site like Feefo – they’ll give feedback on the company as well as the vehicle they used and overall experience.


Opt for a diesel engine

If you’re going on a travelling holiday, you’ll get far better value for money if you lease a diesel car. As you’re driving over longer distances, these cars are the most efficient when they’re driven in higher speed ranges, such as motorway stretches or country roads. This means you’ll get more value for every trip to the petrol station, and you don’t have to compromise on style either. You can get some fantastic Audi car leasing deals, for example, right now from All Car Leasing.

Load up with supplies

Finally, when it comes to driving during the winter time, preparation is key. You should always keep a breakdown kit in the boot for any emergencies that occur, but this doesn’t just mean medical supplies. Given the unpredictable weather, take a spare blanket, a spare pair of boots, a torch, ice scrapers and so on. A USB point that fits into a cigarette lighter is a great idea, in case you’re stranded with no battery on your phone. The vendor may try to add extra items on to the deal, but if you buy well in advance you can purchase them much cheaper.

Do you have any more car leasing travel tips? I’d love to hear your ideas so don’t forget to leave a comment in the section below.

Top tips for leasing a car when travelling this winter – Alan Woodstips for leasing a car




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