Got the blues? These 5 winter cruise destinations will help you feel better

Got the blues? How these 5 winter cruise destinations will help you feel better – words Alan Woods

With winter fast approaching, staying positive can be difficult. Whether you’re just burned out, or you’re looking for a winter getaway, we’ve rounded up five winter cruise destinations that will make you feel better during the cooler months, so read on for some inspiration and book your own today!


Indian Ocean

Sometimes, there’s nothing more exciting than exploring a whole new continent, and with an Indian Ocean cruise, you can do just that. An Indian Ocean cruise usually involves stopping off at key destinations like Indonesia, Mauritius, Sri Lanka and the Seychelles, allowing you to take in some of the continent’s natural beauty and prepare to wave off the year fully relaxed when you return home.


If you want a unique opportunity to explore the intoxicating Middle East, then a Dubai cruise might be the ideal holiday for you. Stopping by the bright lights of Abu Dhabi and taking the time to enjoy its sandy beaches and fascinating culture, you’ll then head off to a range of local cruises sailing around the Emirates. Whether you’re looking for cultural trinkets or authentic food, you’ll appreciate the modern architecture and glittering skyscrapers on top of the ever-summer weather.


With more than 5,000 islands spread across this sun-soaked region, the Caribbean is the ultimate cruising destination. Not only is the Caribbean home to attractions like the Seven Mile Beach in the Grand Cayman, but locations such as Grenada, St Maarten, Martinique and Dominica are all top destinations with cruising stop off points to give you a chance to relax and unwind.


Mexico is one of the most exciting cruise holidays around, with ports such as Cabo San Lucas, Peurto Vallarta and Cozumel all offering something unique. With a distinct and authentic flavour, Mexico offers out-of-this-world scenery and delicious local cuisine to keep your taste buds tingling.


If sun and sea are not for you, then an Antarctic cruise could be an option for your relaxing getaway. You are virtually guaranteed a chance at spotting wildlife such as penguins in their natural habitats, and you have the chance of seeing icebergs, glaciers and peaks in broad daylight. In stark contrast to a Caribbean cruise, Antarctic cruises are designed to offer a comfortable and relaxed getaway in a remote and natural destination where exploration and education are encouraged.

When the cold weather hits, there’s no better way to stay motivated and enjoy yourself than by taking some time out of your schedule for a cruising holiday. Whether you’re looking for some winter sun or you’re ready to immerse yourself into a different culture or environment, you will be sure to find something that ticks all of your boxes if you look around.

Got the blues? How these 5 winter cruise destinations will help you feel better – words Alan Woods





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