What Should You Know Before Your Baby Starts Teething

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There are many situations in life where we prepare ourselves and get fully equipped before entering into anything, but there is one job that no matter the preparation you’re never fully ready.

Being a parent is one of if not the hardest job on the planet and each and every single one deserves a medal. There’s so much to learn and so many different scenarios contend with that no matter how many parenting books you read, you’ll always come up against something you don’t know about.

When it comes to teething, most of us have a rough idea about what’s going on. We have friends that have had a baby so the teething conversation has undoubtedly been raised. But, in case you haven’t, here is what you should know before your baby starts teething. 

When Do They Start Teething? 

Now, this is a bit of a subjective question that cannot be answered with a straight answer. Each and every person on the planet is different and that means we all reach different stages of life at a different time, this is exactly the same when it comes to babies. The experts at Kute Keiki state that the majority of babies will start teething from the ages of 4-6 months old. This is a good average to go by, but there have been stories where babies haven’t sprouted their first tooth until over the age of 1! At the other end of the scale, there have been instances where babies as young as 3 months have had teeth pop through. There isn’t a right or wrong answer when it comes to the time scale, just be aware and be prepared for when it happens. 

There Will Be a Lot of Drool 

One of the most common symptoms of teething is the sheer volume of drool your baby will produce when teething, it’s actually pretty impressive! I don’t think I know a parent that has said their baby didn’t drool a lot during the teething process. All it means is that you’ll most probably find your little one soaking wet a lot of the time. Something that is important to remember is to keep wiping their chin and neck of any saliva that’s hanging around as it can cause rashes. 

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Bright Red Face 

As I’ve just stated, excess spittle can cause a rash on your baby’s cheeks, chin, and sometimes even their neck. If you’ve been careful and continued to wipe away any excess drool and a rash still comes up, it’s nothing to do with you. They really do produce an unholy amount of drool when teeth are popping through. Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re doing a great job. 

Buy More Than One Teething Toy 

These things are a life saver for more than one reason. A big symptom of a teething baby is their obsession to chew things, now this could be anything from the tv remote, the table leg, or any breastfeeding mother’s worst nightmare, the nipple. Teething toys are there to alleviate this as they will have them in their hand the majority of the time, let them chew away to their heart’s content and it should distract them from other ‘tasty’ items.

The reason I say buy more than one teething toy is that if you lose one when on a day trip or when you’re out and about, you’ll always have a spare either to hand or at home ready for your return. Don’t get stuck without one! 

You Can Use Pain Relief 

Your baby will experience some form of pain when teething and it’s horrible to witness because all you want to do is stop it. You can use, from 3 months, a sugar-free (sugar and teeth aren’t friends) painkilling medicine. Obviously you should always consult your doctor first before giving anything to your little one as they will know what is best for them.

There are plenty of books you can read to prepare yourself for having a child. But when your little bundle of joy arrives, many of those really significant, important chapters you’ve read from the 20 parenting books you own get completely forgotten. This is completely normal and if you’re going through the teething stage now, you’re doing a great job, keep going! It’s difficult, being a parent. A completely selfless act that will continue for at least 18 years and most probably more. Don’t be too hard on yourself, we are all human. 


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