Best car apps that can really make a difference

The best car apps that can really make a difference – words Alan Woods

In this age of technological advancement and innovation, there are now a multitude of apps designed to make our lives more convenient. Some can help with your car and driving, from security to navigation, so here are some of the best car apps which you might find particularly useful.


HPI Check

The HPI Check app allows prospective car buyers to check the history of the used vehicle they are about to purchase. This means they can see whether it is stolen or not, and make their decision accordingly. Having peace of mind that your vehicle is legitimate and that you will not be a victim of vehicle fraud is undoubtedly a great help when buying a car.

The app works by checking the registration of the vehicle in question, and also provides information on the vehicle’s speed, environmental impact and road tax costs, amongst other things, so this car information app is a truly handy tool to have. It has to be one of the best apps for your car.


This innovative technology will no doubt serve to keep many drivers safe, and possibly even save lives.

Drive Safely

As the name suggests, this is an app which focuses on safety whilst driving, allowing you to have your messages and emails read aloud without having to touch your mobile device. Since using your mobile whilst driving is a criminal offence, this app will prevent you from running into trouble with the law whilst allowing you to keep up to date with any important notifications.

It also includes compatibility with Bluetooth and radio transmitters, and has a customisable auto responder to let people know that you cannot respond to their message immediately. This innovative technology will no doubt serve to keep many drivers safe, and possibly even save lives.


The handy RingGo app allows you to pay for parking with your smartphone. It saves you fishing for change in your wallet, and can act as an emergency backup in case you actually forgot your money. As the winner of the Intertraffic Innovation Award in 2016, this app has clearly gained recognition for its usefulness.

When you first use it you are asked for your number plate, car colour, car make and your location, amongst other details. Once registered, paying for parking with your card becomes a quick and easy process, and you may never need change for parking again.


One final app which can be incredibly useful to drivers is the Carcorder, which essentially acts as a dashboard camera on your phone. You can film all your car journeys to make sure any accidents are documented, and prove to an insurance company that an accident was not your fault. Dash cameras are so very useful.

At £1.99, Carcorder can save you a lot of money in insurance fees as well as removing the need to buy an expensive dashcam for your car. Once again, this is an app that can provide that little bit extra peace of mind when driving.

These are just a few of the many car and driving apps which can help with the day to day running of your car. Some will save you time and money, whilst others will ensure you are safe whilst driving. Keep an eye out for more innovative apps which could change your driving experience.

The best car apps that can really make a difference – words Alan Woods


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