Breaking the Stigma: Myths and Truths About CBD

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cbd myths

Like everything else in life, there will always be myths, misconceptions, and falsehoods around the facts of something. When it comes to CBD, you can expect a lot of people to come up with different claims that they believe are true.

But it’s important to let the world know that not all the information about hemp and cannabis products are true. CBD is constantly making headlines and for good reason. The positive effects that you can get from it are astonishing. 

But read on to learn more about the myths that will get debunked and the truths that will be explained below in detail for you.

Myth: Gets You High

The biggest myth surrounding CBD is that it gets you high and this is completely false. Cannabidiol will not cause a high because it has non-intoxicating compounds. Some people falsely believe that it has the same effects as marijuana because it’s derived from the same plant. But the fact is that it doesn’t have the negative effects of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) when CBD gets extracted and synthesized into the product that we can use today. This means that you can use Cannabidiol freely without having any traces of THC. The product can calm you down and reduce anxiety, but it doesn’t send you into the euphoria phase of getting high as marijuana does.

Truth: Can Be Found In a Variety of Products  

You can expect to find Cannabidiol in a variety of products. This is true because CBD isn’t just extracted and made into oils only. According to the blog post, “What is CBD oil?”, it is explained that CBD can be synthesized into oils, edibles, tinctures, cosmetics, drops, and even balms. This means that this statement is true and you will find different ways to use Cannabidiol depending on your needs, budget, and preference. Some people enjoy eating it as an edible product, but others can prefer using it as an ointment for their skin. The choice is up to you and it can be possible to mix and match between each type of CBD.

Myth: Has Negative Effects on Your Health

This is completely false because CBD doesn’t have negative effects on your health. The product is considered to have excellent health benefits that can improve people’s lives. It has amazing properties that are medically proven to reduce several health problems and ailments. You can use CBD for different inflammation symptoms and pains, different skin conditions like acne, relief from the negative effects of chemotherapy, or to calm the nerves to lower anxiety disorders. The positive and beneficial effects of this product are more than enough reasons for people to trust it and to invest in it. The statement is taken out of context because like anything else in the world, if you take it excessively and too much, then it will be harmful to a degree. Overall, it’s a decent product with medical benefits.  

Truth: Safety Isn’t Regulated Properly

This statement is true because the FDA cannot physically regulate the safety measures properly to govern the product’s authenticity and purity in every region of the world. You can expect to find sellers or merchants that supply people with bad batches of CBD that don’t have the right compounds for positive results. Also, you can’t be 100% sure that the product you bought has all the active ingredients for a correct dose that is listed on the product’s label. You need to be sure that you are buying CBD products from certified, reputable, and trusted sources. You should be cautious with where you purchase it to avoid having any negative side effects of the unknown ingredient/compounds in the batch.

Myth: You Can Get Addicted to It 

This is another myth where many people believe that you can get addicted to Cannabidiol products. People panic when they see that the product is derived from the same plant that is used to make marijuana. You can rest assured that CBD will not induce any harmful effects that make a person addicted to it. The compounds in this product don’t have the same effects of THC that marijuana has that make people addicted. There are no recorded cases of people reporting that it can make you addicted and none of the medical studies showed patients exhibiting any substance abuse effects. This is a positive fact to know that CBD is not linked to any dependence potential or severe health-related problems.

True: It Has Legality Concerns in Some Countries

Unfortunately, it does have legal concerns and several issues in some countries. Most regulators and lawmakers cannot approve of the sale and usage of any Cannabidiol products because they do not fully understand it yet. Even though they prohibit it, it is not a criminal offense to own CBD. These countries don’t fully enforce any specific harsh laws against it yet, but some regions have restrictions. The problem is that most government officials still believe that CBD is similar to marijuana and it shouldn’t be distributed or manufactured. However, it is still unclear what these countries want to do because most of them do not ban it completely. In some cases, you might see reports of police confiscating the products being sold, but these occurrences are rare. Times are changing in 2020 and some countries are lifting these restrictions and officially legalizing CBD. In some countries it’s legal for delivery from a dispensary, where you can purchase CBD products legally without any issues. This is great news for people who want to get their hands on this product and are located in regions that don’t officially permit the sale of it yet. There are other countries that allow only certain forms of CBD, such as medicinal use or strictly imported goods.

cbd facts

Multiple people have tried CBD and their results were excellent. Each person had a specific comment and it proved that this product is worth the cost because of the positive impact it has on their lives. Undoubtedly, there will be legal complications in different areas of the world because most governments still can’t decide if it should be legalized fully or not. Overall, you must research and check different credible sources or reviews that can prove to you the real facts about CBD. You need to learn and familiarize yourself well with the ins and outs of this product before you purchase it. You can rest assured that proper knowledge and research will always help you break the stigma when it comes to CBD.


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