How To Display Your Digital Pictures In An Artistic Way

words Alexa Wang

Digital Pictures

In this modern-day and age, it is relatively easy to capture photos even with just your smartphones. You can have your stills printed and turned into a coffee table book or display them artistically. Below are some great ideas on how you will be able to do so.

Photo Wall

If you already have several digital photos that you have already printed out, then one of the options on how you can display them is by converting one of the walls in your home into a photo wall. Use a variety of picture frames that come in different shapes and sizes and arrange them in a nice layout on your wall. You can opt for a symmetrical orientation for a contemporary or minimalist look or go all out with your design creativity.

Standing Frames

Invest in standing frames to display your most significant photos such as your wedding pictures or anniversary photos. Standing frames are often made with steel or copper frames, which you can do on your own for just a couple of bucks. It is best if you can adorn these standing frames with trinkets from the event featured in the photo. This approach is perfect if you have a small space because standing frames only take up minimal space. You can also arrange them on a bookshelf to create that charming, whimsical vibe. Make sure to do your homework and learn some more about custom art framing to figure out what the best material is for your preferred design. This will help you ensure that your standing frames can withstand the test of time.

Pictures on Canvas

Another way of fabulously displaying your digital images is by transforming them into a canvas. Some websites will allow you to do so and it is relatively easy. You just need to select the canvas size you prefer, upload your pictures on the site, and choose a border. The result is an amazing photo on canvas.

Ceramic Photos

Ceramic photos are often used for tombstones or memorial pictures and it is an artistic way to display a digital picture of someone you love who has passed away. The experts behind believe that through a ceramic photo of a grave, you will see the face of your loved one exactly as how you want them to be remembered. The best thing about ceramic photos is that these can withstand extreme weather conditions and are durable. Thence, you can place your ceramic photos in the patio, or you can make your ceramic photo tile in the hallway.

Magnetic Photos

Finally, turn your fridge into an art gallery and display your magnetic photos on it. For sure, your lips will turn up into a smile whenever you open your fridge. In doing so, you have the option of using a magnetic strip glued to the backside of your digital prints. Nevertheless, you also have the option of using magnetic business cards, but the concept is the same, wherein you need to glue your prints on the magnets.

Digital Pictures

To wrap things up, there are several ways on how you can display your digital pictures. You can dedicate a photo wall in your home and put up pictures on canvas or invest in ceramic photos and standing frames. There is also the option for you to turn your keepsakes into magnetic photos which you can stick on your fridge. But the important thing is that you have keepsakes from the good times you had with the people you care the most regardless of how you display your photos.



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