3 steps to DIY key holder for your wall

words Alexa Wang

I am sure either you or your love one would have misplaced your keys in the house in the past. You may have to run around looking for them only to end up wasting time and getting late for appointments. You are not the only one. It happens to everyone and most people end up having designated areas where they put their keys. To create the best keyholder for wall is best to do it yourself.

Our new home is our little heavens and should always look good and have functional systems. Do it yourself for keyholder for wall is a great task for you to undertake with ease. You will create a functional and beautiful keyholder for wall that you will enjoy using and have a solution to keeping your keys and never have to worry about running around the house looking for misplaced keys.

The process for DIY for a keyholder for wall is as follows;

Identify the kind of keyholder for wall you want

There are many varieties for keyholder for wall to choose from. You can use wooden material, metallic material or improvise items such as picture frames, mirrors, bowls, etc. depending on what is available in your home. You do not have to make a purchase for anything as they are all available in your house and can be improvised to make a good keyholder for wall.

You have to consider your type of walls your house has. The type of wall will determine the hooks you will use to hold your wall mounted keyholder. The keyholder for wall can be held by items such as hooks, threads, small ropes or nails. For wooden walls, the keyholder for wall is best held by natural-looking hooks.

DIY key holder

Source: https://homelilys.com/diy/67-fun-diy-wooden-key-holder-ideas/

Create a keyholder for wall

There are many items that you can use to create a keyholder for wall at your home. You can improvise anything that you think is beautiful. Since the keyholder for wall will be on your wall, you need to choose an item that will integrate well with the wall’s theme. The item should be of good size that will fit all your keys and it should be accessible to everyone.

To create the keyholder, you will have to get a few tools such as wall drills, paintbrush to paint the color you want and a few nails to create the hooks. You should remember that the keyholder for wall should be at a level where everyone in your household can access it. It is best placed in the living room or near the corridors so that your family does not disturb others when using it.

The actual process will take some time and you should not be in a hurry so that you are able to produce good quality work. Gather all the tools and items that you need and designate a day or an afternoon for this job. It is important that you wear safety gear to avoid any injuries on your body. You can ask for help from a member of your family who is available to help you in the task of creating a keyholder for wall. Since you will create the keyholder for wall will be above the ground, you will probably need a small ladder to climb to pierce in the hooks.

key holder

Source: newhome.gifts

Create a hook for your keyholder for wall

The keyholder for wall needs a good hook that is strong enough to hold its weight and that of the keys that it holds. A weak hook will drop off the contents and they may get lost or damaged. You can use nail hooks or small ropes to hang the keyholder for wall.

The hooks should be friendly to the keyholder for wall and should not damage it when removed in case you want to change your interior decor of the house sometime in future. Therefore, ensure that you get the correct tools to pierce in the hooks and avoid breakages and damage to the wall. After you have created the hooks, you can pass a layer of paint on them. If possible, they should have the same color as that of the wall so that they are not easily noticeable and your wall will remain neat with your keyholder for wall in place.

The process of creating a keyholder for wall for your home will give you much satisfaction and joy. It will make you think about other interior design ideas in your home that you can do for yourself to make your home look beautiful with the new keyholder for wall.


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