How To Look Effortlessly Stylish

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Looking effortlessly stylish is something that, ironically, takes a lot of effort. But once you’ve gotten used to your own personal brand of effortlessness, it’s going to be easier than ever to look your best and turn heads when you walk down the street. 

Most of all, you’re going to feel more comfortable than ever when it comes to shopping for clothes and/or refining your wardrobe for each season, and that’s a skill many people wish they had in their life. And we’re here to give you some top tips on gaining that kind of stylish factor – it’s time to make people wish they looked like you, and that doesn’t have to be hard either! 

Look Stylish

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Have Some Classics in Your Wardrobe

We all know what the classics of fashion are: the little black dress, the leather jacket, the denim blue jeans, the long pleated skirt, etc. And we all know just how many times we use these classics in our day to day outfits! You’re always wearing jeans, or you’ve always got a pair of proper boots on, and that pleated skirt is a killer in the workplace, so why not apply the same principle to your need to look effortlessly stylish? 

Indeed, the more classic we look, the more effortless our fashion comes off. Even if you’re not one for dressing like everyone else, you can still make an impactful look here; that leather jacket can be paired with some crazy colours, and no one will think twice – it just looks like you! 

Now it might be time to update your wardrobe with a few more classic pieces; if you don’t have any Chelsea boots, for example, make sure there’s room for a pair on the shoe rack next to all your Converse, and ensure there’s a spot on the rack for a classic white shirt that can be paired with literally anything, thanks to just how versatile the colour and fit really is. 

Accessories are Needed with Every Outfit

If you want to look effortless in the way you dress, you have to come across as someone who remembers everything. You don’t forget the details when looking at the big picture, and you’re never too focused on the little things to see how well a look is coming together. As such, you’re never one for forgetting to add a few accessories to everything you wear. 

But how can you ensure you’re never accidentally clashing, or wearing the same accessories each time? Invest heavily in your jewellry box! Get a couple of rich, statement pieces, such as Larsson & Jennings watches, and then get to know your local costume jewellery provider. The latter items still look incredible, but they’re not going to blow your entire budget for the month in one go. 

Make sure you’ve got a couple of good items in each of these categories: rings, bracelets/bangles, necklaces, and earrings (even clip-ons work!). You can also think about getting a couple of anklets, for those days when you’re sporting shorts, and a couple of brooches for the big events where you really have to dress up nicely. If you’ve got an anniversary or birthday party to head to, the latter item alone is the best detail to proudly show off to others. 

Mix and Match as Much as Possible

Being effortlessly stylish means you’re not afraid to take a risk, and even when you do take one, it doesn’t look like you have. As such, you need to be able to mix and match your ‘look’ as much as possible. Sure, you’ve got one main style you know you look good in, but if you can stray from this format just a little, you’ll also be able to draw the eye with something new each and every time. 

For example, if you’re someone who loves to dress in black, block colours, think about opening up the floor a little to light greys and dark blues instead. A checkered flannel shirt tied around the waist adds a pop of colour to those dark jeans, and you get a bit more dimension in the outfit to boot. 

And all of this goes to say that your style will never become boring! It won’t be boring to look at, and most of all, it won’t be boring to wear. You won’t wake up one day and decide you hate your wardrobe and want to throw it all out – you’ll be able to add new pieces to it each time you go shopping that you truly appreciate. 

Soften Your Makeup Choices

Now comes the hardest part of trying to pull off an effortless style: the makeup you pair with your outfits. Whether you put your face on first or decide what you’re wearing and then match it up, the look you decide to project to the world is very much balanced on the colour of your lipstick, the shape of your eyeliner, and how much blush you’re using to contour your cheeks. 

And of course, it’s entirely up to you what happens here! But for a more effortless look, you might want to dial back a little. A ‘no makeup’ look is always a surefire winner when you’re trying to project that ‘I woke up like this’ idea to the rest of the world, and you might want to count out eyeshadow altogether as a result! Simply put, if you soften the makeup choices you make, you’re much more likely to look quietly confident in your fashion choices – leave the statement makeup for the big events! A nude lipstick, a little bit of blush, some mascara, and a creamy highlighter will do the whole trick for you. 

Looking effortlessly stylish doesn’t have to be a big deal; a bit of practice goes a long way, and knowing you both look and feel good when you get dressed up in the morning is half of the battle won already. So take your time to find your style, and then get comfortable in it. Shave down your makeup routine by a few minutes, and then learn to mix and match. 


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