6 Safety Tips for Wearing a Baby Carrier

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Baby Carrier

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Babywearing in a carrier provides an effective way to bond with your child, reduce crying and focus on other activities while still carrying your little one. However, when you are not keen, you may expose your wee one to risks such as positional asphyxiation or dropping. Read on for six tips to keep your baby safe when wearing a baby carrier.

1.   Choose the right baby carrier

When buying a baby carrier, ensure that you try out the different carrier models to determine the one that best suits your baby. Consider your child’s height, weight, and age to choose comfortable baby carriers. You should also determine if the carrier is suitable for different seasons, as you wouldn’t want your baby to overheat during summer. Remember to also read the instructions manual on the carrier’s packaging to determine the recommended age, weight, and height for specific slings to eliminate the risk of your baby falling.

2.    Practice using the baby carrier without the baby

Babywearing is not as easy as it may appear. Wearing the baby carrier incorrectly, especially when you are a first-time parent, could result in severe injuries due to falls. As such, you should practice using the baby carrier around the house without your little angel.

You could opt to use a stuffed animal or doll and carry it around the house. Ensure that you can put the doll in the carrier, take it off, and buckle and unbuckle without help. Once you are confident in your skill, you can practice carrying your baby with the carrier, but on a soft spot, until you gain experience.

3.   Support the baby’s head and neck

When using a carrier on a baby, especially an infant whose neck hasn’t gained stability yet, you should provide support. The head should be in line with the spine for stability as you move around. You could either use fabric to wrap the baby’s head or neck, roll up muslin square, or carrier headrest to support the baby. You should also avoid carrying infants outward-facing until they have control of their head and neck.

4.   Avoid covering the baby’s face

Covering your baby’s face, nose, and mouth, especially preemies, those with pre-existing breathing conditions, or infants under four months makes them vulnerable to suffocation due to blocked airways.

5.   Position the baby’s legs correctly

Be keen on your baby’s leg positioning. You should ensure that your baby’s legs are not hanging straight down, as this interferes with bone development and could lead to hip dysplasia. The baby’s legs should be spread apart while straddling your body.

6.   Be cautious

Your little one’s safety when wearing a baby carrier narrows down to you. If you are not careful, you may end up dropping your child. Ensure that you watch your step when walking as your balance is affected when carrying the baby. You should also support your child with your hands when bending, then bend at your knees. Remember to watch out when turning corners or going through doorways.


Carrying your child on a baby carrier is an effective way to stay close as you focus on other chores. Keep these tips in mind to ensure your baby’s safety as you head out.


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