How to make sure you get that all-important good night’s sleep

words Al Woods

We all should know by now how important it is to get a good night’s sleep. It helps your mind and body recover so you can face the next day on your best form. Unfortunately, it is often easier said than done. We lead busy lives and sometimes it’s hard to switch off and make proper time for that all-important sleep. There are simple techniques we can use to help so we’ve set out what we think are some of the most helpful tips in our get better sleep guide.

Try switching off all electronic devices an hour before bedtime

It has been proven that heavy use of our smartphones just before bed can lead to us having trouble nodding off. That urgent text or message can wait until tomorrow. It’s the same with music. A blast of high energy club music or fast metal will really not help you get into that sleep mode you so badly need. If you’re having trouble sleeping, try to wind down slowly before bedtime and make sure you’re in a relaxed frame of mind before you go up.

Avoid any kind of exercise

Exercise straight before bedtime is never a good idea. It can actually pump you up and raise your heartbeat. It takes a while for your body to calm back down after exercise and so you can end up unable to switch off and go to sleep. Even doing housework can have the same effect so avoid anything too physical. Try to get in a calm state of mind well before you’re due to go hit the duvet. This should help you get into the right frame of mind for sleep.

Make sure your bed is sleep ready

If you are struggling to sleep it might be worth thinking about your sleeping arrangements. Keep your sheets and pillowcase changed and fresh. Are you warm enough? Too warm? It might be good to have layers rather than one big duvet. That way you can throw off a layer if you feel too hot and vice versa. If you have an old bed it might be worth considering investing in something new. An uncomfortable bed is not going to help you get that important night’s sleep. Excellent quality single divan beds are available at the Sleep Station for a great price.

Watch what you eat and drink before you’re due to go to bed

We’ve all heard the one about cheese giving you nightmares but eating anything too close to bedtime is not a good idea. Your body needs time to digest food so if you gobble a late snack and try to go straight to sleep, your body will be still trying to digest. Best to have supper earlier in the evening or it might not help the sleep process. It goes without saying that slurping down a strong coffee or tea before bedtime is unwise but having too much liquid just before you go to bed can also be a bad idea.


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