The five best L.A. County areas able to guarantee the success of a corporate event

words Al Woods

Organizing a corporate event implies a lot of efforts, especially if it involves one or more big companies, with different offices scattered in a big territory. In those cases, the main task is about finding a venue able to gather the largest possible number of attendants from different areas: this means that the venue should be, at the same time, capacious, comfortable, technologically equipped and easy to reach from different points of the city where it is located, and/or even from out of it.

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When it comes with a city like Los Angeles, things compound even further, and the reason is quite easy to guess. We must consider that when we talk about L.A., we don’t just refer to the city of Los Angeles, but also to all those suburban areas and minor towns that surround it and form the “Greater L.A.” area. An overall urban tissue strictly connected internally and yet quite sprawling, able to confuse the uninitiated and make the urban travels particularly challenging. Not every part of the Los Angeles County is easily reachable, and this makes the venue’s choice even more complicated.

On the other hand, Los Angeles offers a variety of solutions, for every need and any budget, so everything’s about choosing carefully. And if the facilities’ characteristics must be verified on an individual basis, for what concerns the most profitable L.A. areas we have a few suggestions for you. They’re listed here below.

  1. Downtown L.A.. We can say that, if you are looking for a corporate event venue in Los Angeles, this is probably the first area that you should explore. In most of the cases – more than 70% – you wouldn’t need to look any further. We must consider that the Downtown area is currently the artists’ district, soaked in a bohemian vibe. Even the local fashion district has settled here, and if you are lucky enough you can even find a venue along the perpetually crowded Santee Alley.
  2. South Central. Once considered one of the most dangerous urban settlements of the entire West Coast, this area managed to emancipate from its previous bad reputation: now, thanks to a series of forward-looking real estate investments, it’s become the privileged destination for art lovers or those who are looking for a good authentic ethnic restaurant.
  3. Burbank. With the Hollywood studios just a few steps away, the area that has been the birthplace of the visionary director Tim Burton is also a receptacle of interesting, charming, sometimes odd venues. If you are looking for something able to stimulate your event manager’s creativity, this is probably the right place to explore.
  4. Long Beach. Far from the centre, in the county’s far south, this once hippy shelter has preserved its ancient charm. Now the hippies from the Seventies of last centuries are old and dapper gentlemen, and many of them have become small entrepreneurs. But they still have a taste for the unconventional and the non-institutional. If you are looking for a venue outside the norm, you should come over here.
  5. Inglewood. If you have watched Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece Pulp Fiction at least once in your lifetime, you would probably remember how this area was depicted in the film: basically, one of the nests of L.A.’s African-American community. During the last three decades so many things have changed, and despite the area has kept its cultural background it has evolved to something more open to international business and media interests. The recent Super Bowl at the SoFi Stadium is the main evidence of it. As of today, Inglewood shows a large number of sport-oriented venues, but it’s developing a range of options in the corporate events sector as well.


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